Guided Reading in Kindergarten

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Guided Reading in Kindergarten:

Guided Reading in Kindergarten During shared reading in the kindergarten classroom, teachers guide the entire class through stories with a high level of support.  It is considered guided reading at this level.

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Guided reading has many of the same components as shared reading.  However,  it is conducted with a smaller number of students and focuses more on the individual reading needs of each child.

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During guided reading, teachers work with students at their instructional level to guide them in using the context, visual, and structure cues within stories to generate meaning.

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By using instructional level texts that gradually increase in difficulty, students apply strategies in context and feel successful!

Below Level (example)::

Below Level (example): Find letters in the text that they are currently working on. Practice tracking the words from left to right. Practice using the book from the front to the back. Read the first page alone, then have them read with you chorally while tracking the words.

On Level (example)::

On Level (example): Find sight words being worked on. (I, see) Practice tracking the words left to right. Play games to help remember the sight words. Read together chorally, repeat alone. Identify words with beginning sounds being worked on.

Above level (example):

Above level (example) Read the text together Read the text alone. Discuss meaning of the text. Work with a problem area (such as a vowel sound, identifying periods, voice, etc. Play games to practice skill.

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The end goal, as with any literacy component used in kindergarten, is for students to become confident, proficient readers who LOVE to read!

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Guided reading in kindergarten can be conducted one on one or in small groups using  books with predictable text, decodable text, books containing a large number of sight words, specially leveled books in a series, or trade books.

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Teachers in a half day setting may meet with each guided reading group once or twice a week, depending on the number of center rotations that you have.

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