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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION P E N S A C O L A F L O R I D A Looking for an SEO Company in Pensacola Search Engine Optimization SEO is one of the most important ways to generate leads for your business. Since most people look online for solutions to their problems it’s important for people to be able to locate your business and high search engine ranking is one of the best things you can do for your business. That’s why getting an SEO company to represent and boost your business has never been more important. But how do you pick the right company How to Choose the Best SEO Company for You The obvious way to choose a company to represent you would be to pick one that appears on the rst page of search engines like Google’s results. After all what SEO company can’t boost its own rankings on Google Going this route is bound to make things so much easier for you. For starters you already know the business knows what they are doing. But beyond ranking well on Google the company you choose should also have the three following characteristics: 1. Competence It’s easy to nd many SEO companies in Pensacola but are the companies you nd competent Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms and what works one month may not work the next month. Find a company who has provided success to their clients over a long period of time. This will help demonstrate their competence.  SUBSCRIBE

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2. Transparency and Honesty If you hire an SEO company in Pensacola to help with your website rankings make sure they are transparent about what exactly they will do for you. There should be a very clear plan on services provided. SEO takes work but it’s not rocket science. SEO isn’t so complicated that they can’t give you a clear plan of action. Also they should provide you with regular updates so you can see the impact they are making on your rankings. 3. Spectacular User Reviews You have likely seen multiple SEO companies in Pensacola that have poor reviews or no reviews at all. It is possible to nd a good SEO company that doesn’t have good reviews. But you’re more likely to get the best possible results if you choose a company that has happy clients and great reviews. Why Choose Us for Your SEO Needs We believe that as an SEO company our job goes beyond improving your ranking on Google and it extends to ensuring that we… Have a smooth seamless relationship with your team so that we can quickly communicate and accomplish goals. Listen to your goals and ideas and design our strategies around them. Keep our contract exible and easily modiable. Update you every step of the way so you are an active part of the process. Keep ourselves updated on the latest news and trends in the world of SEO. Name Email Subscribe Name Email SUBSCRIBE

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A quick look at our user reviews will tell you that we incorporate every single one of these practices into our dealings leaving out customers satised and impressed with our work. Common Questions About SEO When looking for a local SEO company in Pensacola to work with you will likely have many questions. Ultimately you will want to know what type of results to expect. With that being the case we will provide some of the most commonly asked questions below. We hope you nd this helpful during your search for an SEO company to hire. 1. How Long Does SEO Take How Long Does it Take to Show Results from SEO – Click here to read the post. One of the biggest red ags when looking for an SEO company is when someone says they will get you at the top of Google in a month or sooner. Chances are this person doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The truth is it’s impossible to know exactly how long it will take you to reach the top. There are several factors that can impact this. Here are some of those factors: Competition: If you’re in a heavily competitive market and industry it will usually take longer to see great results. Then again if you’re not in a competitive industry and your market is small you could quickly see great results. The level of competition is a major factor. Budget: If you have a very small digital marketing budget it will take longer to see results than if you have a signicant budget. SEO Strategy: Ideally you should have a combination of on-site SEO and o-site SEO. If you do this and it’s done well you will see good results. However if the SEO company you hire isn’t able to provide both types of SEO then their eectiveness will be limited. This usually happens when the client is unable to provide website access to the SEO company. A balanced SEO approach is important. There are many factors that go into your rankings on Google. And because of this it’s nearly impossible to say with certainly how quickly you will reach the top of Google. However the general rule of thumb within

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the SEO world is most websites can expect to see good results within 3-6 months of doing SEO. From our experience we agree with that general rule of thumb. 2. What is SEO This is an extremely relevant question. SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.” When you hire an SEO company in Pensacola to help with your marketing you are essentially hiring someone to make your website show up better in search engine results. Search engines are websites like Google Bing and Yahoo. When someone is looking for you on Google you want your website to show up. The challenge is only 10 results show up on the rst page of a Google search. So your website needs to be optimized so it will show up higher than your competitors. SEO professionals will assist you with this. 3. How Much Does SEO Cost There are two factors that can impact the cost of SEO. One factor is the SEO company you choose to hire. They may have a specic pricing structure. For example they may have SEO packages priced at 1000 2000 or 3000 per month. Then again they could have a completely exible pricing that’s based on your own budget. That leads us to the second factor which is your budget. The United States Small Business Administration SBA recommends growing start- ups to spend 3 to 5 of their gross revenue on marketing. They also suggest businesses with under 5 million in gross revenue to spend 7 to 8 on marketing. This is a bit of a range and it doesn’t say how much to spend on SEO. But businesses these days are typically spending more on digital marketing than they are on traditional marketing. This is because digital marketing is easier to track ROI and also because

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traditional marketing channels are usually far more costly. So businesses should consider spending about 6 of their gross revenue give or take on marketing. Half of that should probably be spent on digital marketing. There are some upfront costs associated with online marketing such as website development social media setup costs etc. But once those items are covered the majority of the budget should probably be spent on hiring an SEO company to help boost your exposure on Google and other search engines. To conclude this point SEO could cost just about any amount of money. It could be based on a xed rate by an SEO company or it could be based on your own available budget. And that budget could signicantly range from one company to the next. Hopefully this helps give some insight on what you should expect to spend on SEO. And for the record Joshua Lyons Marketing LLC provides SEO services based on the available budget of our clients. We will adapt our plan so it works with a price-point that’s comfortable with you and aligns with your goals. 4. If I Stop Doing SEO Will My Rankings Drop Not really but they could. One of the beauties of SEO is that there is equity built up in this service. When you hire your SEO company in Pensacola they will make enhancements to your website that are permanent for the most part. For example they will add content to your website and make edits to the way your website is coded. These edits will last and improve your rankings. The only way to loose this benet is if someone undoes what your SEO provider did for you. But this doesn’t typically happen. Your SEO company should also create links from third-party website that are directed to your website. When they do this it will also help your performance. As long as those links aren’t removed by the third-party websites they will last forever. As a result you will continue to see lasting results. Although it’s possible your rankings could drop it’s not very likely. And even if they do show a decline it probably won’t happen very quickly. This is why many companies put high value in SEO. Final Thoughts There are many factors to consider as you look for an SEO company in Pensacola to help with your website performance. We are available to answer any questions you have. We would be honored to work with you. If you would like our help simply let us know by lling out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you

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