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HAITI: Dolor Muerte Esperanza Oración compromiso

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HAITI: Dolor Muerte Esperanza Oración compromiso HAITI: Pain Death Hope Pray Commitment

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HAITI: Dolor Muerte Esperanza Oración compromiso Country (official name) : Republic of Haiti Capital : Port-au-Prince Surface : 27,750 km2 Population : 6.964.549 Languages : French(official language), Creole (official language) Alphabetism:45.0% total; 48.0% men; 42.2% women (est. 1995) Catholic religions 80%, Protestants 16%, no 1%, other 3% (1982) Life expectancy Men: 47.67 years; women: 51.17 years. Government chosen Government gross national Product (per capita) $1,800 (est. 2000) Industry : sugar Refinement, flour milling, fabrics and weaves, cement, tourism, light industries of assembly lines with concerned components . Agriculture : Coffee, sugar handles, cane, rice, maize, sorghum; wood Territories of Labrantío 20% Minerals and Resources Bauxite, receives, carbonate of calcium, gold, marble, hydroelectricity. Note: excess of mortality due to the AIDS.

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HAITI: Pain Death Hope Pray Commitment

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Port Prince before the earthquake

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The poorest country in America

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The city centre of the capital, Port Prince has been devastated by a violent earthquake at 4.00 p.m. on 12th January 2010.

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The devastating earthquake, of a magnitude of 7,3 in the scale of Ritcher, destroyed the city, the National Palace, the Cathedral, and one of the schools of Proffessional Studies where 3 salesians and more than 200 children were killed.

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The National Palace before and after the earthquake.

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And the cathedral

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The capital, PORT PRINCE, after the earthquake.

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Hundreds… Thousands killed

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Works of rescue of the relatives and friends who were buried.

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Pain? Hope?

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… more misery and poverty…

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Where are they going?

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Everybody is commited with them

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The Salesians hold 10 houses and people in the streets to attend everybody in Haiti.

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This is the School of Proffessional Formation that has been destroyed, taking the life of about 200 children and 3 salesians.

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Their hope waiting for our help

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They pray for help…

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Photos: Internet Author: Josep Mascaró, Salesian Juan Ignacio Ullán, translation 17-24January 2010 Parròquia de Sant Bernat de Claravall (Barcelona)

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