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PREPARATION It’s a responsibility of pharmacy and T.C. Committee is free to take decisions, regarding the materials to be included. It will decide what type of publication is most suitable for the hospital whether it will be hospitals own formulary or simple list of drugs or a catalogue or a purchased formulary service? If it is decided that publication is to be a formulary, a decision must be reached to the possible contents other than the section s on various therapeutic agents

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Section on prescription writing. Section governing the use of drugs Section on diagnostic agents and normal pathological investigational reagents etc Section on pharmacological classification. Poisons and their antidotes. Posological tables The format of hospital should also be decided Size Loose leaf or bound Printed or cyclostyled Categorizing and indexing.

Guiding principles, Selection for admitting or Deleting of drugs : 

Guiding principles, Selection for admitting or Deleting of drugs

Guiding principles, Selection for admitting or Deleting of drugs : 

Guiding principles, Selection for admitting or Deleting of drugs

1.Prescription writing : 

1.Prescription writing Every prescription must furnish the following information Name and address of the patient The date Prescribed drug should be written in formulary terminology Strength of prescribed medication must be given in accepted metric system. The total amount to be dispensed. The “signa” containing the instruction to the patient should be clear, concise and in simple terms which can be understood by the patient. When repetition of the drug is desired, the no of times the drug is to be taken should be clearly written.

Prescription writing : 

Prescription writing The prescription for narcotic must have the patient’s age. The physician should sign all prescription and prepare 3 copies of the prescription containing narcotics, one is retained by him and two copies are passed to the patient.

2.The Format : 

2.The Format It would be very good idea if the pharmacist decides its format etc before commencing work on printing and publishing in his own hospital. He collects of some leading hospitals as well as their format. Copies of finally published formulary may be sent to bodies liked central drug standard control organization, directorate general of health services. Govt of India, PCI.

3.Size : 

3.Size It is sufficiently small in size so that it could be easily carried by clinicians, nurses etc, in the pockets of their uniform or lab coats. In any case, there cannot be a particular size determined but keeping the general view in mind, the hospitals may determine their own size of the formulary.

4. Loose leaf or Bound. : 

4. Loose leaf or Bound. Loose leaf: it can be revised whenever necessary simply by printing, distributing and inserting the necessary page or pages. It is easy to keep a loose leaf. Bound: it can be prepared with covers ranging from paper and cardboard to plastic or leather binding. The NFI is a card board bound volume.

5.Printed or Mimeographed : 

5.Printed or Mimeographed Printed has better asthetic value. Its appearance is more attractive, easier to read

5. Indexing and Assigning categories;. : 

5. Indexing and Assigning categories;. Majority of the formularies have a general index at the end of the text. It is usually in alphabetical order, by generic name and cross indexed with brand names of the drug used in the text portion of the formulary. The general index may be supplemented with a pharmacological index which will be

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