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Air conditioning : 

Air conditioning It is the process of treating air so as to control its temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution simultaneously to meet the requirements of the conditioned space. In the production area, a desired environment, i.e. humidity and temperature, is maintained. Therefore, air conditioning facilities are essential. Today many offices and pharmaceutical plants are equipped with air conditioners.

Applications : 

Applications Promoting the human comfort Maintenance of proper conditions for the manufacture, processing and preserving of material and equipment. Compression of tablets Manufacture of soft gelatin capsules Manufacture of sterile products. Environmental teat chambers Maintenance of animals and equipment.

Approaches for achieving AC : 

Approaches for achieving AC Read from book c.v.s subrahmanyam

Equipment for air conditioning : 

Equipment for air conditioning Generally fall in to two classes Self contained air conditioners (unitary or packaged) Central air conditioner (or field erected)

Self contained air conditioners : 

Self contained air conditioners It includes window mounted or wall bracket conditioners.

Central air conditioning system : 

Central air conditioning system It serves one or several areas with AC air being supplied through duct network. Air cleaning is by filters which are reusable or disposable. Cooling is by water or refrigerated coils or air washers. Heating is by steam or hot water coils. Humidification may be provided by surface type water nozzles, steam humidifiers or sprayed coils.

Central air conditioning system : 

Central air conditioning system Principle:

Central air conditioning system-working : 

Central air conditioning system-working

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