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Pro/Engineer It is a Parametric Feature Based Associative Software for Design, Development, Detail, Analysis, and Manufacturing . It is a product of Parametric Technology Corporation ( PTC ), U.S.A.

Products of PTC:

Products of PTC Some of the products of PTC Pro/ENGINEER Pro/INTRALINK Pro/MECHANICA CADDS 5 ICEM


Pro/Engineer #8 in worlds leading CAM Systems #1 in PARAMETRIC Modelling #1 in FEATURE Based Modelling #1 in ASSOCIATIVE Modelling


Pro/E What is Pro/E? Why we go for Pro/E?

What is Pro/E?:

What is Pro/E? Pro/E is a CAD/CAM/CAE package. CAD – Computer Aided Design CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing CAE – Computer Aided Engineering

Why we go for Pro/E?:

Why we go for Pro/E? Concurrent Engineering Increase production rate Less Design time Highly Flexible Ease of use All in one single environment Integrity Platform Independent

Solid Engine:

Solid Engine Solid Modelling Engine: State of Art GRANITE Solid modelling engine is used for Pro/E. Which is capable of creating complex geometry in a very simple manner.


INTRALINK Intralink: It is used for Concurrent Engineering. Work any where from the world.


Pro/NC Pro/NC: It is used for Manufacturing, that generates Numerical Codes for various CNC Machines.


Pro/Mechanica Pro/Mechanica: It is used for ANALYSIS and Simulation of the component.

Our Curriculum:

Our Curriculum Pro/Feature Pro/Assembly Pro/Surface Pro/Detail Pro/Sheet metal


Pro/Feature Pro/Feature: Sketcher Part Modelling Basic Part Modelling Advanced Part Modelling


Pro/Assembly Basic Assembly Advanced Assembly


Pro/Surface Basic Surface Advanced Surface


Pro/Detail Creating Views Detailing Drawings Creating Tables and BOM

Pro/Sheet Metal:

Pro/Sheet Metal Creation of Wall Advanced wall options Form Features Conversion From Solids to Sheet metal


Sketcher Create any parametric 2D profile Can constrain and modify the sketch at any time Can make use of the Sketch at any time where ever we required

Part Modelling:

Part Modelling Create 3D Model using Extrude Cut Sweep Blend etc.


Assembly Assemble the Components as needed Can make both Top Down and Bottom Up Assembly Create Exploded State


Detailing Detail any Model (Part or Assembly) Add Sheets Format Sheets Create BOM


Surface Any type of Surface can be created The surface created is always parametric

Sheet Metal:

Sheet Metal Form feature created using die Form feature created using punch

Sheet Metal:

Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Model Sheet Metal Flat Pattern


Comparison Pro/ENGINEER Mechanical Desktop


Comparison Round created in Pro/E 3D fillet in MDT


Comparison In Pro/E Hole portion of the Feature is not affected by the round


Comparison In Pro/E Surface Created is Parametric In MDT Surface Created is not parametric

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