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How to use GANTT project to do project planning.


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EMR Implementation Plan:

EMR Implementation Plan PHC 6196 June 12, 2013

General Hospital:

General Hospital Urban hospital 846 bed hospital Needs to implement EMR system

Benefits of Implementation:

Benefits of Implementation * Electronic Prescribing *Reducing Errors *Streamlining patient treatment *Save money


Assumptions Weekends are excluded. No work is done on weekends. Training can only start after configuration for that task is complete.

Proposed Schedule:

Proposed Schedule The project start date is July 1, 2013 The project end date is May 28, 2014 Total days for the project: 253 days Note: This is something you will find out after you have finished adding all tasks in GANTT Project.

Starting Off:

Starting Off Before adding tasks in GANTT Project: Figure out the correct order of the tasks listed in the assignment to see what should come first and what can follow. Tip: You will need to separate the configuration portion of the subtasks from the training portion.

Create New Project:

Create New Project To start a new project, Click Project, then New. Name your Project and press OK

How to Add a Task:

How to Add a Task To add a task, click on the clock icon

Setting Up the High Level Tasks:

Setting Up the High Level Tasks Add the tasks in the correct order. The next slide will show you have to change your start date, if desired.

Change the Start Date:

Change the Start Date Click on the 1 st high order task, then… Go to Project and then Properties.

Start Date (con’t):

Start Date ( con’t ) Once in Properties, on the left side, click Calendar. For this project, July 1, 2013 was the start date. Choose the Move Duration option to what is shown below.

Schedule of High Order Tasks:

Schedule of High Order Tasks Note: This will be what the high orders tasks look like at the END of the project after putting in all the durations.

Add the 1st Sub-task:

Add the 1st Sub-task Add the sub-task that should come first in order. In this case, Enterprise Master Patient Index should come first since it does not require configuration of another sub-task.

Indent the Sub-tasks:

Indent the Sub-tasks In order to make the task just added officially a sub-task, it will be needed to be indented in so it is recognized as a sub-task of the high order task it corresponds to.

Add Duration:

Add Duration To add the duration of the sub-task, click on the “i” symbol OR double click on the little bullet point in front of the sub-task name.  OR 

Add Duration (con’t):

Add Duration ( con’t ) For this example, Enterprise Master Patient Index takes 3 days to configure. Note : It is OK if the “Begin date” is not correct here. It will change once you hit OK.

Add the 2nd Sub-task:

Add the 2nd Sub-task Add the next sub-task For this example, Patient Registration Configuration should come next. Remember: Configuration and Training should be 2 separate tasks. Also, no need to indent this sub-task any more.

Add Duration:

Add Duration Click on the “i” or bullet point to change the duration to 3 days Don’t click “OK” yet…

Add the Predecessor:

Add the Predecessor Go the the “Predecessor” portion of the information box that should still be open on your screen Click “Add” T hen scroll down the list to the correct predecessor, which was C. Enterprise Master Patient Index. Then click OK.

Add the Training Portion of Sub-task:

Add the Training Portion of Sub-task Add the training portion that needs to come after Patient Registration Configuration No need to indent this under the preceding task

PowerPoint Presentation:

Change Duration Add Predecessor The predecessor for this sub-task (and for all future training sub-tasks) should be the corresponding configuration portion of the same sub-task. The duration of this training is 5 days. Don’t click OK yet- the predecessor needs to be set.

Continue adding each sub-task:

Continue adding each sub-task Add the rest of the sub-tasks in the correct order under this 1 st high order task. Hint: You CAN start configurations of 2 or more sub-tasks at the same time.

End of High Order Task “Patient Information Management”:

End of High Order Task “Patient Information Management” Final timeline should be as shown below. Notice how both A1. and D1. (configuration steps) begin at the same time. Remember: Weekends are excluded in this example

Start Next High Order Task:

Start Next High Order Task Next should be Laboratory No need to input duration (it will automatically calculate duration of this high order task as sub-tasks are added) It requires configuration of systems in Task 1. Predecessor of “3. Laboratory” should be configuration steps in “1. Patient Information Management”.


Predecessors Here is what should be inputted as predecessors of Laboratory. Notice: All are configuration steps from preceding task.

Repeat all previous steps:

Repeat all previous steps To finish project planning for the EMR implementation, continue the same steps as before. Find the order the sub-tasks in the sequence in which they need to be completed. Add the sub-task Add duration Add predecessor(s)

Once Finished Inputting Tasks:

Once Finished Inputting Tasks To see the critical path, click “Show Critical Path” button above the chart portion.

Critical Path:

Critical Path Will show up as a hash line marking on the bars of the GANTT chart. These are needed to be started and completed on time in order to finish the project on time.

To Show Task Name:

To Show Task Name Go to Edit, then Settings. One left side, click “Gantt chart” Under “Task details” choose how the task name should be shown over the bars on the Gantt chart.

Generate a PDF:

Generate a PDF To get a list of each task in the order it needs to be completed along with the start and end date, a PDF can be generated. Go to Project Export


Then, Specify which type of document is desired. In this case, a PDF report is generated.

The Last Step:

The Last S tep Indicate where it should be saved. Make sure the start and end dates do not encroach on the project start and end dates. Allow it to show notes so each task’s name is shown Landscape format will give a better GANTT chart All done- hit OK! SEE NEXT SLIDE FOR DEPICTION OF THESE STEPS

The Last Step (con’t):

The Last Step ( con’t )



Any questions?:

Any questions? Let me know if you have any questions about this assignment! Happy Planning! 

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