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AUGMENTED REALITY combination of real and virtual world


The computers have become quite small for easy use , the fundamental limitations of GUI are unaware of real world situations ,explicit operations etc How we can overcome this problem You often find difficulty and gets frustrated to use your computer because of this


T he modern technology “ Combination of virtual and real world Finds a solution for this by the


That is, AUGMENTED REALITY(AR) combination of reality with computer generated data combines virtual and real world create a system in which user cannot differentiate real world and virtual augmented on it. In an early stage of research and development. Now it is a technology accessible using a Smartphone.

Features of Augmented reality system:

Features of Augmented reality system

HOW AR WORKS???????:


How to implement AR??? :

How to implement AR???

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality:

Augmented Reality vs . Virtual Reality Augmented Reality System augments the real world scene User maintains a sense of presence in real world Needs a mechanism to combine virtual and real worlds Hard to register real and virtual Virtual Reality Totally immersive environment Senses are under control of system Need a mechanism to feed virtual world to user Hard to make VR world interesting


2002:Bruce H. Thomas is the inventor of the first outdoor augmented reality game ARQuake . His current research interests include: wearable computers, user interfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), and tabletop display interfaces. 2005: Camera system developed that can analyze physical environments in real time 2007 : Medical applications for users. Sending visual cues to help MS patients better keep their balance . 2008: A multiple new innovations and examples of AR now exist across a multitude of areas.!   Since then, AR’s growth and progress have been remarkable.




AR IN EDUCATION Improves the visual memory of the students Interactivity increases as the interest for the subject Can make this as central system of control so that the control is easier for teachers Now let us watch a video on AR in educational system

Using Augmented Reality in medical field:

Using Augmented Reality in medical field Used as visualization and training aid for surgery Can collect 3D datasets of a patient in real time using magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) Less dangerous surgeries and operations Giving exclusive ideas


AR IN MILITARY Shows the 3D visualization of battle field Provide troops with vital information about their surroundings Also highlight troop movements so that enemies can see them




ADVANTAGES Advances in technology Reduces the gap between real and virtual world Less dangerous surgeries and operations Military training could be less expensive Making things memorable and eye catching


DISADVANTAGES Production is expensive to Difficult to maintain . Addiction Connectivity while moving . Machine dependency Low performance level Militants can also use this as military is using


Future Of AR


step into the digital age as we will soon see our environments change dynamically through a Smartphone, glasses, car windshields and even windows in the near future to display enhanced content and media right in front of us. A pplications that can very well allow us to live our lives more productively, more safely, and more informatively.

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