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Senses which is our doors to the outer world and also to the inner world is what needs to be addressed and that too in a manner that would enhance the inherent, natural, biological tendency in all human beings to be in beauty and to know.


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Sensing nature Knowing nature


In traditional communities using senses are still very common. Children are usually left somewhat free to explore the nature in the surrounding areas. Most children in Aruvacode knows the sounds of the birds, their behavior etc. Their ears are very alert to the sounds of nature. They are familiar with all the berries and the leaves that can be eaten and which are not edible.


As regards smell children are always after flowers and are also familiar with smells of various leaves. Sight is the most powerful sense. Children go for hunting or for catching birds or even dragon flies they need to observe with total attention. They are watching all the time. Most of the games children play are for developing the senses.


Seeing nature Colour


Colour scale with dry leaves Colour scale with poster colour Making the colour with poster colour


Sunil kumar ,class 8 age 13


Sumithra ;age 14


Re- creation of the village in terracotta


Leave children alone Children are potential geniuses Doing and experiencing is the key to learning Memorizing is harmful Authentic and original capacity for experiencing is possible if parents respond sensitively to children's needs.


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