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Jims dog wash provides a friendly and prompt mobile dog wash service to your dog. We also provide treatments like dog clipping, dog grooming, flea treatment and good range of products and accessories for your dog.


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Jim's Dog Wash:

Jim's Dog Wash

Jim's Dog Wash:

Jim's Dog Wash It is always very difficult to keep your dog well groomed and to clip their coat and nails is even harder. Jim ’ s Dog Wash provides a friendly and prompt dog wash service to your dog. We also provide treatments like dog clipping, dog grooming, flea treatment and good range of products and accessories for your dog.




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Dog Wash:

Dog Wash Jim’s Dog Wash Standard Hydrobath service: Pre Wash Brush - this helps loosen and release stubborn in ground dirt prior to clipping Warm, Freshwater Hydrobath Shampoo and Rinse - clears and cleans your dog’s coat and skin. Eyes and Ears - gently cleaned and care taken on those sensitive areas. Towel Dry - to remove bulk of water from the coat. Full Body Blow Dry - to remove any excess water away from your dog’s body and out of the coat. Secondary Brush - to remove any excess hair still remaining. Nails Trimmed - to protect against tearing and pad damage. After Bath Cologne - we all like to smell as good as we feel after a nice bath Yummy Doggy Treat - to complete the experience and reward your dog for a job well done!

Dog Flea Treatment:

Dog Flea Treatment When your dog starts scratching you know it is time to act, the longer you leave it the worse it will get, not just for your dog but for you as well. Fleas prefer to live on dogs and cats but a serious infestation can spread to a house and to you. With flea treatment you need to be sure that it has been well applied, that the right amount has been used and it has been put in the right locations.Our team can ensure that the treatment is accurately applied and that your dog will soon be free of these parasites.

Dog Grooming:

Dog Grooming Keeping your dog well groomed can be difficult, bathing them is often an exercise . We offer tailored dog grooming dependent on the dog’s breed, size and temperament. we always follow any dog grooming instructions which may have been issued by your veterinarian. Keep your dog well groomed with Jim’s Dog Grooming.

Mobile Pet Groomers:

Mobile Pet Groomers Jim’s Grooming provide a full mobile pet grooming service, from a comprehensive hydrobath to targeted flea treatment, when one of our red trailers pulls up you know that your pet is going to get the best grooming possible. Jim’s is the name you can trust, when you call Jim’s you know that you will get prompt, reliable and professional service, our aim has and always will be customer satisfaction, we are focused on ensuring that our customers are always happy with every aspect of our service.

Food and Accessories:

Food and Accessories Jim’s Dog Wash not only provides a great dog wash and pet grooming service, it also offers a good range of products and accessories for your dog. Ask your Jim’s Dog Wash groomer about our range of shampoos, conditioners and other treatments for your pet’s precious skin and hair. We can also help with any advice you may have from your local veterinarian.



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