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Entertainment Career Connection catering to Global demands locally Music has no language, it breaks all barriers. Music is one industry that has fascinated mankind for centuries together and has brought together civilizations that may be separated by geographical or other barriers. The music industry is hub for several thousand people worldwide who have been employed and have been entertaining millions of people worldwide. One needs to be talented, skilled and trained to make it big in this industry especially if you are thinking of producing music for the masses or for any niche. Audio engineering is the gateway to a successful career in this glamorous industry. There are numerous traditional schools that run curriculums spanning a few years to make you a professional audio engineer. But there is a lot of difference between these traditional schools and schools like Entertainment Career Connection. At Entertainment Career Connection one gets an option of being trained in a live studio where one gets hands on experience on all the aspects of churning out the most melodious music that hits the charts and beams into your living rooms through television, Radio and internet.

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Enterrainment Career Connection Brian Kraft was established in 1983 and 10000 people have undergone apprenticeship over here who have been placed in real recording studios worldwide. The main advantage for students passing out of Entertainment Career Connection is that they get an opportunity to work in the real world quite normally and are able to make a connection with the workplace in no time as they have been exposed to real time studios during their training period. With names of the likes of Jimi Petulla and Brian Kraft associated with Recording connections this is the real launch pad and testing ground for individuals who want to make it big in the audio engineering arena. With a network of studios all across the country there is no need to relocate to a distant location for undergoing apprenticeship in a Recording Studio. An audio engineer is the backbone of any flourishing and quality recording studio. This is what exactly Recording connection does. They train and mould individuals into the most professional audio engineers who are responsible for running a session, working the equipment and help the producer and the artist for getting the recording that they need.

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About Recording Connection - The Recording Connection Audio and Enterrainment Career Connection Jimi Petulla Institute was created in 1983 and since that time has placed over 10,000 apprentices in real recording studios all over the world. By getting students directly in the doors of real studios as apprentices, the Recording Connection enables each student to make connections as he or she learns in preparation for a career in audio engineering and music producing. The Recording Connection is also a great program for musicians and composers who desire to learn more about the recording process so as top perfect their craft.

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