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Cable clutter is a headache to get rid know our useful tips for cable management such as Use binder clips,Use double sided tape,Bread clips as a cable organizer also Buy cable management accessories from mark4 for help.


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Tips for Cable Management

slide 2: Technology brings along various annoyances and computer cable clutter is one of them. It is still acceptable to conceal messy cable collection in a closed box but the one that are under the table catches the most dust. Try to remove those tangled beasts or simply remove a single cable from the mess. A better cable management with the proper accessories can manage the cables properly. Other than some official cable management accessories there are some other equipment’s that you already have and can use for cable management. Let’s have a look at some fancy ways to take care of cable management.

slide 3: Use binder clips These clips are something more than just being an office supplies. It can also be used for managing the cables of the computers. Binder clips can fit into the back side of the desk. You can use one to hold the audio LAN cable in case you plan to disconnect the laptop. You can just use them to hold any cable that tends to slip off the desk if not connected to the device.

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Use double sided tape Have you ever imagined that tapes and adhesives can also be used in a creative manner to hide the jungle of the cables. Check the weight of your cable modem if it is too light which mostly are do not mount it to the wall. Rather stick it to the desk using double-sided tape. Modem will be out of the way but in reach when you will need to plug in a cable or reset it. You can also do the same for the powerstrip and mount it to the desk. If you want to mount the power strip upside down to the bottom of the desktop you can also use Velcro. It lets you easily remove the power strip when you need better access to it. Moreover it is also more durable than double-sided tape.

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Bread clips as a cable organizer If you have more cables than you can possibly be apart just label them with the bread clips. you can name those wires accordingly and keep them separate. Make a knot of the storing long cables so that they don’t clutter away and spoil the look of the room. These simple hacks will reduce your frustration of looking at the tangled wire and work freely with organized room.

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