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Our fake Twitter followers checker lets you identify Fake Twitter followers by analyzing complete followers list of any Twitter account. visit


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Audit your Twitter followers:

Audit your Twitter followers FollowerAudit


Contents What is FollowerAudit ? Why should you Audit your Twitter account? How to use FollowerAudit to Audit a Twitter account? FA Report Benefits & Applications of FollowerAudit More Features of FollowerAudit

What is FollowerAudit?:

What is FollowerAudit ? FollowerAudit is an AI Driven Twitter follower analyser tool which analyse your (or any other public Twitter account’s) followers. FollowerAudit will provide you with a detailed information about your followers which you cant find on Twitter. It provides you with various services which will help you to grow and know your audience in a more better way.

Why should you Audit your Twitter account?:

Why should you Audit your Twitter account? Running an audit of your Twitter account can benefit you in various ways Identify Fake Followers Track your Followers Growth Increase authenticity of your Twitter account Know your audience better Remove followers who gives negative impact on your profile

For Influencers:

For Influencers As the trend of social media marketing has increased, so has the number of influencers have! If you want to stand out of that crowd and build your own brand with a good reputation than FollowerAduit is the best tool for you. Content is important, but your followers are also important. Your followers will represent your brand and your reputation.


FollowerAudit will help you increase authenticity of your account. Running and audit of your account will let you know of the quality of your followers. It will run an audit of your account (or any other public Twitter account) After successful auditing, it diversifies your Twitter followers on the basis of three segments, Real (Active), Inactive (Dormant) or fake (bots or spam). Get information about Twitter accounts who followed or unfollowed you. Get accurate analytics and maximum ROI from your social media campaign. Block your fake followers and increase your Twitter account authority.

For Businesses :

For Businesses Nowadays social media marketing has become an important practice for any kind of businesses. Business need influencers for their marketing, but in the field of influencer marketing there are many fraud influencers too!, which will result in big loss for your business. Some of the influencers buy fake followers to build fake reputation, but these fake profiles are the bots which provide no engagement to them and hence will lead to no sales for your product.


This is when “ FollowerAudit ” comes to your rescue! FollowerAudit will run an audit of the Twitter account and will generate an audit report with FA Score. The score will be based on the percentage of how many fake and real followers they have.

For Research and much more!:

For Research and much more! For someone researching on famous personalities FollowerAudit will provide will best of their profile analyzer.

How to use FollowerAudit to Audit a Twitter account?:

How to use FollowerAudit to Audit a Twitter account? Go to the website - In the products menu select the option “Check Followers”


First Sign In with your Twitter account. Enter the username of the Twitter account whose profile you want to audit (Your or any other public Twitter account).


Wait for few minutes till the audit is running. After successful auditing, it will display a report of the account who username you have provided. FollowerAudit will show a score of the account based on its followers. It diversifies your Twitter followers on the basis of three segments, Real (Active), Inactive (Dormant) or fake (bots or spam). This segmentation allows you to instantly derive crucial information about your follower base.

FA Report:

FA Report Here we have audited Twitter profile of a random person for a sample. The report will show the total no. of tweets, like, followers and following and how old the account is.


FA score is based On Quality of followers Of the account.


This section represents the followers in three categories – Active, Inactive and Fake followers


Identify Fake, Bot or inactive accounts FollowerAudit’s fake Twitter follower checker allows you to check fake Twitter followers from your account or any targeted account’s follower base on the basis of three key segments. These are Active followers, inactive followers and spam accounts. Once this segmentation is completed, you can easily identify which exact accounts to unfollow. You can also block spam followers and inactive accounts right from the dashboard.


A graphical representation of followers


A Detailed Followers Audit


FollowerAudit analyzes your followers list and comes up with numerous metrics to check fake twitter followers. These metrics can help you differentiate low quality & high-quality Twitter accounts. Let’s have a look at some of the metrics analyzed by FollowerAudit to identify undesired and fake followers. Zero tweets (vs. profile creation date). Zero followers (vs. profile creation date). Specific tweet patterns. Dubious profile image. Dubious username. Bulk tweeting. Ratio of follower to following. Absence of user bio.

Benefits & Applications of FollowerAudit:

Benefits & Applications of FollowerAudit Competition Tracking & Analysis Social Media has turned into a marketing platform. Brands and organizations are competing fiercely for attention. Suppose you denote your competition as brand A, FollowerAudit’s fake Twitter follower checker can easily check followers of ‘A’ and provide answers to questions such as who is following brand A, what is the follower growth rate of brand A, who unfollowed brand A, etc. This information is laid out on an illustrative graph with metrics updated on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.


Get accurate analytical insights Analytical outcomes depend on the accuracy of data points. If the data is flawed, the accuracy of the analytical outcomes will also be affected. FollowerAudit provides you with a list of fake and inactive followers and lets you separate them from your Twitter follower base. FollowerAudit also allows you to block your fake followers right then and there! This enhances the raw data quality of the analytics which leads to accurate results. You can also block spam Twitter followers right from the dashboard.


Periodic Twitter audit can improve your account authenticity tremendously Authenticity of Twitter account depends on the quality of your followers. FollowerAudit audits your Twitter profile and checks fake Twitter followers of your account, providing you with the option to block your fake followers. Removing those fake followers will increase the authenticity of your Twitter account.


Identify Spam Followers There are many spam accounts present on Twitter which may spread spam on your feed by posting irrelevant comments and affect your news feed. Spam followers also decrease the engagement rate on your posts. FollowerAudit helps you to identify those spam and fake followers from your account and provides you with a convenient option to block them. FollowerAudit’s fake Twitter follower checker also checks and lists down the inactive followers in your account.


Builds a Good Reputation If you run a business page or are an influencer then FollowerAudit is the best tool for you! Providing you with the best of services to handle your account. It will check followers of your profile and filter out all the fake followers by giving you an option to block them. This improves the quality of your followers which assures a good engagement rate, more successful campaigns, and good reputation. FollowerAudit’s fake Twitter follower checker also checks and lists the spam and inactive followers from your account.

More Features of FollowerAudit:

More Features of FollowerAudit Analyze Twitter Followers Twitter Unfollowers Block Fake Twitter Followers Twitter Follower Tracker


Analyze Twitter Followers Analyze Twitter Followers of any Twitter account and get lots of useful analytical insights about your active, inactive, fake and spam followers on Twitter Twitter Unfollowers Easily identify the accounts which have unfollowed your account or any targeted Twitter account. Get real time alerts whenever a new unfollower is added to the list.


Block Fake Twitter Followers Once you have identified bot, inactive or fake followers, you can block them right from the dashboard. A single click is all you need! Twitter Follower Tracker Track the followers growth rate of any Twitter account in real-time. Get real time metrics related to the accounts that followed or unfollowed you or any other Twitter account.


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