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Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 300 markets and 35 countries.


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Groupon is one of several emerging Web sites that offer printable discount coupons for everything from skydiving lessons to local restaurants.

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As there's so much cool stuff to do, but with so many options, sometimes the easiest thing is to go to a familiar restaurant, or just stay at home and watch a movie.

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As a result, we miss out on trying all the cool things our cities have to offer. By focusing on one good or service each day, Groupon makes it simple. And by leveraging The Point's framework for collective buying, Groupon is able to offer deals that make it very difficult to say no.

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Launched in November 2008, the first market for Groupon was Chicago, followed soon thereafter by Boston and New York City and Toronto.

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Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 300 markets and 35 countries .

Groupon Origins :

Groupon Origins Groupon grew out of a website called The Point, a website launched in November 2007 that lets you start a campaign asking people to give money or do something as a group.

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Andrew Mason is the founder of Groupon as well as The Point. Andrew Mason Founder/CEO The idea for Groupon was created by CEO Andrew Mason.

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The idea subsequently gained the attention of his former employer, Eric Lefkofsky, who provided $1 million in "seed money" to develop the idea. Eric Lefkofsky

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Groupon is growing fast with a projected revenue of $500 million for 2010. At just under 2-years old in April of 2010, the company was valued at $1.35 billion.

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Groupon also owns several international operations, all of which were originally deal-of-the-day services similar to it, but then re-branded under the Groupon name after acquisition; these have included :- the European-based MyCityDeal (17 May 2010) the South American Clan Descuento (22 June 2010) the Japanese service Russian (both on 17 August 2010) Prior to these acquisitions, Groupon had bought out the mobile technology company

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The Groupon staff performs Bach BWV 248 No. 2 " Brich An, O Schones Morgenlicht " at the Chicago Lyric Opera, 10/27/09

How Groupon Works :

How Groupon Works Get It Check your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for daily deals on cool local businesses. Share It Groupons are more fun when used with friends. Pass along deals by email or broadcast them to your social networks. Enjoy It Print the voucher or bring it up on your mobile device, then present it at the business to get your deal.

Business model :

Business model The company offers one " Groupon " per day in each of the markets it serves. The Groupon works as an assurance contract using ThePoint's platform: if a certain number of people sign up for the offer, then the deal becomes available to all; if the predetermined minimum is not met, no one gets the deal that day.

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This reduces risk for retailers, who can treat the coupons as quantity discounts as well as sales promotion tools. Groupon makes money by getting a cut of the deal from the retailers. There are certain businesses that Groupon will not offer its services to, including shooting ranges, abortion clinics, plastic surgeons and strip clubs.

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A critical disadvantage of the model is that it is easily copyable . In North America, there have been 200 similar sites that have sprung up with some sites even copying the color, font, and logo. Worldwide, there are over 500 similar sites including over 100 in China. Due to Groupon's market being primarily composed of young, educated, female customers, the deals are often focused on the health, fitness and beauty markets.

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In October, 2010, Yahoo! was rumored to have offered over $3 billion to acquire Groupon . On November 30, 2010, it was reported that Google offered $5.3 billion with a $700 million earnout to acquire Groupon and was rejected on December 3, 2010 Google likely wanted Groupon for its massive sales force and existing relationships with mom- and pop-sized shops. The daily coupon site has a sales and customer service team of more than 1,500 employees that deal with places like restaurants, nail salons and spas.

Groupon Google Deal :

Groupon Google Deal

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