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Vitalogy Wellness Center has an answer to all your question regarding Nutrition and better health. We have Nutrition And Wellness Services in Birmingham in which you can experience the high-class programs. For more click on


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Nutrition and Diet:

Nutrition and Diet

What is Nutrition?:

What is Nutrition? the science or study of food and the ways in which the body uses food. Nutrients are the substances in food that provide energy or help form body tissues and are necessary for life and growth. 

Proper Diet:

Proper Diet As our body grows, it is important to take care of it by eating nutritious food with the proper amount of nutrition. Along with exercise, a proper diet is essential for weight control and physical fitness.  

Classes of Nutrition:

Classes of Nutrition Carbohydrates Fats Proteins Vitamins Minerals water

Why is Nutrition Important?:

Why is Nutrition Important? Reduces high blood pressure Lowers high cholesterol Improves the ability to fight illness Increases energy level

Junk food VS Fruits:

Junk food VS Fruits Increases obesity Effects on mental health May lead to diabetes Controls your weight High in fiber Reduces Cancer Risk

Tips of eating well:

Tips of eating well Eat plenty of fruits Choose low fat milk Eat plenty of vegetables Consume more proteins Eat more of whole grains

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