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This mission by Vitalogy wellness center of Medical Wellness is to support your wellness and learning through educational and health promotion services that help you create healthy lifestyles in Homewood. For More information, click here


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Personal Wellness:

Personal Wellness

What is wellness?:

page 2 What is wellness? Good physical, mental, and emotional health. Lifestyle that promotes balance through healthful practices and attitudes. Optimistic Approach towards life.

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page 3 Why wellness is important for people? It keeps your body bones, muscles and joints healthy. It is good for helping people to adopt and maintain healthy behavior. There are many other components that helps a person physically as well as mentally healthy.

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page 4 Components of Wellness Nutrition Exercise Routines Proper Sleep Prevention & Care of Illness/Injury Medication Routines Stress Management Psychological/Mental Health Healthful Living Space Social Relationships Recreational Activities Safety Precautions Personal Health Choices Spirituality

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page 5 Taking Charge of Your Wellness Seeing this list of wellness topics, ask yourself: How many of these items are either fully or partially taken care by you right now? Also take an appointment to get treatments regarding your fitness and wellness problems at Vitalogy Wellness Center.

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page 6 . Visit us here and book your appointment at:- Thank you for reading us

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