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Objective: To assist new distributors to START IT RIGHT with their DXN business. Distributor Orientation Program

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To be a mini DXN To adopt the DXN Culture To invest in the System Built for Success by DXN Use, Share & Build To choose the right company---DXN Start it Right! To choose the right industry---MLM

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Why MLM? Your own boss Low investment No risk Leverage of time Security of job Duplication of success Exponential growth Residual income Life long learning and earning Network is your net worth of life

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Why DXN? Superior Products 4) Stable Company 3) Global Network 2) Generous Marketing Plan

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Enjoy the benefits of DXN products as you discover their strength and efficacy. Share your experience to others and encourage them to use DXN products too. Sponsor and register others into the business, motivate and guide them to succeed in DXN. USE SHARE BUILD Key to DXN Success

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A) USE…Products Key to DXN Success “Must start with you” 1) Learn their effective use and benefits “Be a product of the products” Experiencing the product is better than reading about it. 2) Discover their innovative uses

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Promote and Encourage others to use DXN products 1. Project confidence and sincerity in presenting the products 2. Develop strategies on how best to market your products B) SHARE… The products/Business Key to DXN Success

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“Prioritize sponsoring rather than retailing” 1. Register others into DXN 2. Guide and teach them to do the business C) BUILD… The business Key to DXN Success

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I - Education System for Success DXN System is built for success basing on: II- Attitude 1) Knowledge 2) Skill 3) Motivation

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1) Knowledge A) Available in print, audio- visual and mentors B) Training Modules System for Success I - Education BOM Ganotherapy Product Clinic Understanding The SIMP DOP DXN Culture, etc.

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2) Skills Some Basic How To’s….? A) Promote/share DXN products and business System for Success B) Sponsor C) Activate your partners D) Stabilize your group E) Handle Objections I - Education

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2) Skills A) Learn to share System for Success Be a product of the product Share the benefits of our DXN products Our products are easy to use and share Selling is not our main business I - Education

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2) Skills B) Learn to sponsor System for Success a) Prospecting b) Qualifying & rating your prospects c) Scheduling a seminar d) Table closing I - Education

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2) Skills B) Learn to sponsor System for Success a) Prospecting Make a list of all the people you know Come up with as many as you can think of. Use a prompter as your worksheet. I - Education

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2) Skills B) Learn to sponsor System for Success b) Qualifying & rating your prospects Select your HOT prospects. Qualify them as to: LEVEL OF TRUST: Strength of relationships LEVEL OF INFLUENCE: Access to groups of people LEVEL OF NEED: F.O.R.M. LEVEL OF ABILITY: “TALK”-ABILITY I - Education

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2) Skills B) Learn to sponsor System for Success c) Scheduling to a seminar Bring them to a B.O.M. Call and tell them that you want to treat them to a cup of coffee Share a testimony Get them excited about your new business Show a sample cheque Schedule and bring them to a B.O.M. Introduce “ABC Rule” I - Education

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2) Skills B) Learn to sponsor System for Success d) Table closing Making them sign-up as partners Meet with your prospect One on One after the seminar. Ask them if they have questions. Present the DXN application form for their signature. Lead them where to purchase our products. Welcome them to the DXN family. I - Education

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2) Skills C) Learn to activate your downlines System for Success a) Determine and set directions towards your partners’ objective in joining Health — user only Wealth — business and health b) Identify and set his/her dreams a short and long term c) Draft action plan for the next 72 hours I - Education

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2) Skills D) Learn to stabilize your group System for Success a) Support your partners Coach them Caddy them Challenge them I - Education

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2) Skills D) Learn to stabilize your group System for Success a) Support your partners Coaching your partners Teach them the BASICS on how to start their own DXN business. FIRST THING they need to do is to KNOW the following: The company The products The SIMP Let them read their manual and business kit. I - Education

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2) Skills D) Learn to stabilize your group System for Success a) Support your partners Caddying your partners Help them learn the skills of prospecting, qualifying, inviting and closing. Help them prepare their HOT LIST. Assist them in setting up an appointment. Accompany them to the B.O.M. Show them how to do table closing. I - Education

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2) Skills D) Learn to stabilize your group System for Success a) Support your partners Challenge your business partners This is a NUMBERS GAME, expect REJECTIONS. The real income comes from SPONSORING PEOPLE. Stress the importance of building a network organization that maintains a monthly purchase. Network building takes time but yields lasting results. I - Education

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2) Skills D) Learn to stabilize your group System for Success b) Structure well your network Understand the SIMP Cluster your business partners base on their potentials Work with your partners in groups as you grow in the DXN business I - Education

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2) Skills E) Learn to handle objections System for Success “Turn objections into opportunities” Rebound the questions Give plain, simple answers Avoid creating situation leading to questions I - Education

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3) Motivation BUSINESS POTENTIAL System for Success BENEFITS Great opportunity SATISFACTION High Income / High Growth Financial Security Independent Business Health Assurance Enjoyable Work Time & Effort Utilization Blessings from others Recognition / Popularity Elevated Life Style Social Status Explore oneself I - Education

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How to Acquire them? KNOWLEDGE System for Success SKILLS Reading MOTIVATION Seminar Interaction with Networkers Training Workshop Understudy Practice Team Work Celebrations Rallies Leadership Fellowship with right people

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1. Self – start within you Openness – Willingness to learn Discipline – Goodbye to comfort zones Focus –Goal oriented Industriousness – Hardworking and consistent Confidence – Believe in yourself Don’t spend more than what you can afford Be humble Plan your work and work your plan Erase doubts, superstitions and prejudices System for Success II- Attitude

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1. Self – start within you Learn before you teach System for Success II- Attitude Change yourself before changing others Make your life worth following

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2) Towards Others – relating with others Positive – Look at brighter side of things/situation Compassionate – People’s business have a heart Persevering – Never give up Build confidence in dealing with others Give a little extra Overcome frustration and inhibition System for Success II- Attitude

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Self-Imposed Code of Ethics Don’t buy up position, build Don’t underprice Don’t blame others for your own failure

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Vision for Success

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