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Presentation Description though many do not think of shopping bags as store fixtures, they are possibly one of the most important. Shopping baskets and holiday bags are all used to make the shopping experience a little simple. Think of what shopping would be like without bags. A purse party is a get together in a home of a group of women that are interested in graceful bags and purses. This provides a great networking and socializing routing in a fun and relaxed environment. As a purse party counselor, you will attractively display a variety of fabulous and chic bags for the women to peruse and buy. This is invariably true during the process of purchasing store fixtures and indites a retail display design. The priority of these three criteria shuffles depending on the individual, but it is the goal of most to find a balance. Retailers want something that is durable and made with quality, provides excellent display service, while at a reasonable cost as well. To determine the best store fixtures that will fit these criteria for a particular store, retailers need to know what they are looking for.


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