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Topic 1: The Process of Conducting Research:

Topic 1: The Process of Conducting Research ED801: Research Design and Methodology, Summer 2011 Dr. Sara Jimenez Soffa

Learning Objectives :

Learning Objectives Define and describe the importance of educational research Describe the six steps in the process of research Discuss important ethical issues in conducting research Recognize skills needed to design and conduct research

What is Educational Research?:

What is Educational Research? The process of engaging in educational inquiry is not rocket science. In its most simple form, research is the process by which: a. The researcher poses a question. b. The researcher collects data to answer the question. c. The researcher presents an answer to the question.

Why is Research Important? :

Why is Research Important? Research adds to our knowledge Research enables global sharing of knowledge Research helps educational leaders improve their practice Research helps inform policy debates Research provides a framework for identifying and addressing problems

Challenges with Research :

Challenges with Research Contradictory or vague findings Questionable data Unclear statements about the intent of the study Lack of full disclosure of the data collection procedure Inarticulate rendering of the research problem

The Research Process:

The Research Process Identify the Research Problem Review the Literature Report and Evaluate Research Specify a Research Purpose Collect Data Analyze and Interpret Data

The Research Process :

The Research Process Research Process Steps Description of Each Step Step 1 Identify the Problem Specify and justify the problem; Suggest a need to study the problem Step 2 Review the Literature Locate, choose, summarize, and synthesize literature about your topic Step 3 Specify the Purpose of the Research Purpose statement outlines the major intent of the study, study site, and participants. Step 4 Collect Data Determine type of data to collect, design instruments, identify participants, get consent, gather data Step 5 Analyze & Interpret Data Analyze data, present data, and draw conclusions from data. Step 6 Report & Evaluate Research Report and evaluate research findings in an organized manner.

Questions? Please pose any questions you have by creating a discussion thread or emailing your instructor. :

Questions? Please pose any questions you have by creating a discussion thread or emailing your instructor.

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