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Afro-Asian Literature:

Afro-Asian Literature

Chinese: Classical Period:

Chinese: Classical Period ● Confucianism is pervasive. ●the ideal hero in this literature is not the man of great strength but the man who has an excellent memory . ● Poetry is at the heart of this literature . ●period of great intellectual awakening . ●Chinese Literature is extensive .

The Tang Dynasty (618-907):

The Tang Dynasty (618-907) ●considered by scholars as the “Golden Age of Chinese Poetry.” ●produced a star-studded list of poets who composed to perfection Lu Shieh . ●great literary achievements came with this Dynasty. ●literary developments were associated with religious freedom and goodwill.

The Sung Dynasty (960-1279):

The Sung Dynasty (960-1279) ●was marked by outstanding cultural development. ●there was a notable increase in literary output due to the invention. ●improvement of printing. ●the era produced a number of philosophers, essayists, historians and scholars.

Japan: Tryst of the Old and New:

Japan: Tryst of the Old and New ●was marked by verse compilations and a number of prose romances and tales. ●opened its door to foreign trade in the middle of the 19 th century. ●they produced one playwright, Chikamatsu , who has been called the Shakespeare.

Japanese Drama:

Japanese Drama No ● the word no means ability or accomplishment. ●was used to designate professional performances. Kyogen ●it means bad words. ●usually performed interludes between the no plays.

Japanese Drama:

Japanese Drama Kabuki ● originally implied lewdness and abandon. ●it began at open-air performances by troupes of women who engaged in prostitution. Shingeki ● adopted the technique of the European and American theater.

Philippine, Our Very Own:

Philippine, Our Very Own ●owes its preservation to the tenacity of our ancestors. ●Thomas Pinpin , started recording our literature in the 18 th century. ●from the harmonious blending of Filipino ideals and Western civilization, there has emerged a literature that showcases Filipino way of life.

Three Periods in Philippine Literature:

Three Periods in Philippine Literature ● The Legendary and Epic Age - the literature of this period consisted of magical incantations, myths, legends, and folktales. ●The Spanish Occupation - the literature during this period was religious in nature. ●The American Occupation - the Americans introduced the English language.

African: The Emerging Continent:

African: The Emerging Continent ●is a continent of great variety and contrasts in land, climate, language, peoples etc. ●known to the Western World as Darkest Africa. ●the early writings were concerned with tribe, nature and the gods.

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