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America's leading specialists in addiction medicine

About Us:

About Us Malibu Horizon is directed by one of America's leading specialists in addiction medicine, Dr. A. R. Mohammad. As an award-winning psychiatrist, Dr. Mohammad created Malibu Horizon to accurately address alcohol and substance abuse from a modern, medical prospective. Malibu Horizon is a non 12-step, drug alcohol, treatment center. Malibu Horizon offers the most effective, research-based, alcohol and drug treatment. Our clinical team is a handpicked group of caring, experienced, professionals, unmatched in the industry.

Our Treatment Programs:

Our Treatment Programs Dual Diagnosis Rehab Treatment Non 12 Step Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Individualized Treatment - More of the Right Type of Therapy and Counseling Massage Therapy Program Equine Therapy Rehab Treatment Program Music Therapy - Rehab Treatment Program Art Therapy Yoga-Meditation

Types of Detox Rehabilitation Treatment Services:

Types of Detox Rehabilitation Treatment Services Alcohol Methadone Heroin Cocaine Crystal Meth Morphine Inhalants Marijuana LSD Club Drugs PCP

Contact Us:

Contact Us Website: Toll-Free Phone: 877 - 338 – 6964 Outside the U.S: 818 - 667 -9511

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