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PROGRAM INFORMATION The “Coalition for the Reinforcement of English Comprehension and Education” program is an academic program consisting of -English enrichment & -Scientific achievement


PROGRAM SUMMARY CRECE will expose ESL students in science and English enrichment projects throughout the School Year (after school) . Science project instructions will be presented in both English and Spanish Students will engage in a local science project competition At the end of the summer term, the students will present their projects in the English language via webcast to world-renown scientists at Johns Hopkins University, who will comment on the students’ achievement. Furthermore , the students will receive a certificate of completion signed by the scientist they presented to .

Resource Requirements :

Resource Requirements -Science project materials (manila folders, etc…) -Teacher or high school representative to act as program supervisor and instructor during the summer term -Available room to accommodate project development -Computer Lab with webcams for webcasting with scientists at the end of program


GOALS Full completion of the program by ESL students Increased English fluency and comprehension among ESL students ESL students’ increased interest in science & engineering fields Increase of college-bound ESL students

Financial Analysis :

Financial Analysis CRECE is solely funded by Johns Hopkins University Students and their supporters . GMS IN ACTION: The approved financial expenditures/itemized budget for these community service projects will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis.

Calexico High School Collaboration:

Calexico High School Collaboration CRECE will be a Calexico High School Student Group Ms. Noll is going to be the club advisor Purpose of the Group: To recruit students to volunteer as facilitators during the summer for the CRECE program Volunteer Duties: To plan and execute CRECE’s curriculum and goals


STEPS TO TAKE Establish the School Group Reach out to ESL students for them to sign up for the Program Find more teacher advisors Projection Start Date: Beginning of May

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