6 Software Development Trends for 2018

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6 Software Development Trends for 2018


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6 Software Development Trends for 2018

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IoT gets pushed to the edge Wearables like the Fitbit and Apple Watch get most of the attention but they are merely a niche in the vast IoT ecosystem. From cars to roads deep sea oil rigs to living rooms nearly everything is turning into a data- collecting device.

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Cybersecurity reaches an inflection point  With a focus on Equifax WannaCry Uber and National Security Agency 2017 has beenan awful year for private information on the web. That’s saying something Application development considering the election hacking fiasco a year before. Security is top-of-mind for every enterprise organization and government in the world which means resources will be flowing to develop new solutions.

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Continuous delivery is no longer competitive advantage it’s table stakes Software delivery will reach Formula 1-level speeds in 2018 led by the giants like Amazon who allegedly deploy new code every 11.7 seconds. Not every business needs to be that fast but continuous delivery provides several advantages beyond just speed of deployment. These advantages will become table stakes in competitive software niches.

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Artificial intelligence becomes a necessity  We’re reaching the point where businesses absolutely need to adopt AI in order to stay relevant. Voice-activated home assistants smartphones Big Data and Insight-as-a-Service vendors will all have big years as a result of this AI adoption. But the biggest winners this year are data scientists and Chief Data Officers CDO who will be in high demand for a long time.

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Virtual reality might go mainstream 2017 was the first full year of high-end commercially-available VR headsets. Facebook’s Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive led the way in full-power VR systems as opposed to smartphone-powered systems like the Galaxy Gear VR but adoption has been slow. Analysts estimate less than 1 million units have been sold between the two.

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Improving your development skills There’s nothing but opportunity ahead for developers with the right skillset. Most of the software development trends in 2018 require more than just basic programming knowledge but it’s never too late to add additional competencies to your toolbox.

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