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HP HPE2-E71 Introduction to Selling HPE Products-Solutions and Services

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Validate your HPE2-E71 Exam learning and preparation with our most updated HPE2-E71 dumps. Dumpspedia has experienced IT experts who gather and approve a huge range of HP HPE2-E71 Questions Answers for HPE Sales Certified Certification seekers. Practicing our 100 updated HPE2- E71 Practice Tests is a guaranteed way towards your success in HP HPE2-E71 Exam. HPE2-E71 Braindumps HPE2-E71 Practice Dumps

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Did You Know HPE2-E71 Braindumps HPE2-E71 Practice Dumps

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QUESTION 1 What is one initiative that SMBs are pursuing to achieve the same IT-centric vision that enterprises have A. Define the boundaries between IT and line of business managers B. Create more data center silos C. Improve customer relationships D. Significantly increase their IT budget for maintenance Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 2 What is the danger of firmware attacks A. They cause the server to immediately shut down creating a service outage. B. They render the server unusable since there is no way to remediate them. C. They are the most common entry point for a ransomware attack. D. They are difficult to detect and can be one of the most damaging. Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 3 Which describes the HPE SimpliVity 380 A. Software-defined and hardware optimized B. Built on the HPE Apollo Gen10 Server C. Designed specifically for companies that need a VDI solution but have space constraints D. Optimized for compute-intensive workloads rather than storage-intensive workloads Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 4 Your SMB customer is interested in HPE ProLiant servers but explains that the company cannot tolerate any downtime. Which management tool includes remote monitoring by HPE A. HPE Insight Online B. HPE Intelligent Provisioning C. HPE iLo Advanced D. HPE UEFI Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 5 Which server solution gives customers a subscription-based managed server A. HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server B. HPE ProLiant ML380 Gen10 server C. HPE ProLiant Easy Connect ML110 D. HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 6 Which management tool ensures HPE ProLiant server is cooled properly and monitors memory processors and power supplies A. HPE iLo B. HPE Intelligent Tuning C. HPE Insight Online D. HPE UEFI Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 7 What are business values of HPE SimpliVity Select two. A. SimpliVity eliminates the need for data center core switches. B. SimpliVity integrates up to five core data center activities simplifying IT operations. C. A majority of companies using HPE SimpliVity report a dramatic improvement in application performance. D. Companies can deploy services and applications more quickly allowing IT to focus on innovation. E. IT can choose from a suite of management tools allowing them to use the tool that is best suited for their IT staff’s skill sets. Answer: C D www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 8 You have qualified a customer for the storage use case of business analytics and database support. Which characteristics indicate that the customer is in the expanding stage of their business analytics and database support journey A. The company pays for IT support on an as-needed basis and has limited budget for new IT projects. B. The company is deploying a Microsoft SQL server but does not have a dedicated IT staff. C. The company is growing slowly and is just beginning to gain some experience in managing databases. D. The company has discovered it has multiple SQL Servers and has asked their IT staff to consolidate the servers. Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 9 What is one reason SMBs are interested in cloud solutions A. Cloud provides a pay-as-you-go funding model that helps SMBs improve their bottom line. B. Cloud gives SMBs a computing model that meets all of their IT and business requirements. C. Cloud gives SMBs better control over their data than cant be achieved with an on- premises solution. D. Cloud helps SMBs achieve 100 compliance with industry regulations. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 10 How does HPE Smart Rate technology benefit your customers A. It provides real-time port statistics and utilization so customers can determine if the device connected to the port requires additional bandwidth. B. It autosenses the amount of power a device needs on a Power over Ethernet Plus PoE+ port. C. It allows customers to use their existing cabling which traditionally supports speeds up to 1 Gbps to achieve higher speeds. D. It auto-negotiates port capabilities such as one-way or two-way traffic between the device and the port. Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/HPE2-E71-dumps-questions.html

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HPE2-E71 Braindumps HPE2-E71 Practice Dumps

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