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Adobe AD0-300 Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner

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Did You Know AD0-300 Braindumps AD0-300 Practice Dumps

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QUESTION 1 For which reason does a fork activity produce an error A. The fork has no inbound transition B. The fork’s outbound transition are out of sequence C. The fork has an inbound transition that has zero results D. The fork’s outbound transition has no connected activity Answer: D

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QUESTION 2 What are the three functions of the delivery audit in Adobe campaign Choose three. A. To show a preview of the delivery before sending B. To show the analysis performed on a delivery prior to sending C. To show the approvals given for delivery D. To show a breakdown of exclusions for the delivery Answer: B C D

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QUESTION 3 A campaign workflow has 1000 records coming into a Delivery. The messages to send count is 880. What are two possible s for the missing records Choose two. A. The missing records were doubles. B. The missing records are part of an A/B test group. C. The missing records have been rejected as spam. D. The missing records are part of a control group. Answer: A D

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QUESTION 4 Sub-population A of 100 records and B of 200 records are combined in a campaign workflow with a Union activity. The resulting population C contains 200 records. What should the Practitioner conclude A. Records in A have been excluded from C. B. All of the records in A are also in B. C. All of the records in B are also in A. D. A and B are mutually exclusive. Answer: B

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QUESTION 5 An additional workflow is needed for a campaign. Which step should a campaign business practitioner take to meet this requirement A. Click the add new workflow icon from the targeting and workflow tabs B. Add to the existing workflow instead of creating another workflow C. Add additional workflows as a technical workflow and add a note to the campaign on where to find them D. Create a new campaign because more than one workflow cannot be added Answer: A

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QUESTION 6 A query on recipients is added to a workflow. The query needs to be able to obtain the last three transactions for each recipient. Which method should be used to obtain this result A. In the complementary information section add data of the type Data linked to the filtering dimension. B. In the complementary information section add data of the type Data of the filtering dimension. C. In the advanced tab add an Initialization Script. D. Switch the targeting and filtering dimension and add aggregate columns to get the transactions. Answer: B

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QUESTION 7 Workflow A runs before Workflow B. Workflow A populates a staging table that workflow B uses to load each day. Workflow B frequency fails because Workflow A is still creating the writing to the table. What is the best way for a campaign business practitioner to solve this error A. Adjust the scheduled run to ensure there is no overlap B. Combine the two workflows together C. Use JavaScript to call a Signal in Workflows B instead of a time-based schedule D. Remove the staging table because there is no need for temp storage Answer: A

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QUESTION 8 How should a campaign business practitioner test that dynamic content in delivery displays properly A. Configure the delivery to enable a content control group B. Configure the delivery to enable content approval C. Configure the delivery content to include seeds D. Configure the delivery to send a proof of each content version Answer: D

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QUESTION 9 A campaign Business Practitioner is provided a text file of mobile phone types and their associated recipient email addresses. How should the campaign Business Practitioner build the workflow to begin to use the mobile phone type attribute in a targeting workflow A. An update data activity to import the txt file into workflow and a query activity to select all mobile phone types B. A query activity to import the text file and an intersection activity to find matches between recipients and the text file C. A data loading activity to import the text file into the workflows and enrichment activity to link recipient email address to email address in the text file D. A read list activity to import the text file into the workflow and a split activity to segment the mobile phone type Answer: A

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QUESTION 10 Which modules needs to be installed in order to be able to create Marketing Campaigns A. Marketing Campaigns Campaign B. Marketing Resources C. Central/Local Marketing Distributed Marketing D. Campaign Optimization Answer: A C

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