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Cisco 700-070 Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series Immersive Solutions

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Did You Know 700-070 Braindumps 700-070 Practice Dumps

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QUESTION 1 What should you do first when the local Touch 10 falsely indicates that content is being shared A. Power-cycle the system. B. Close and re-open the share tray. C. Use the Setup wizard to repeat system setup. D. Close and re-open Self View. Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 2 What is the minimum required number of people to install an IX5000 in one day A. three B. four C. two D. one Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 3 How many codecs does the IX5000 use A. one B. three C. four D. two Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 4 What should you do first when Self View display issues occur A. Close and re-open Self View. B. Use the Setup wizard to repeat system setup. C. Close and re-open the share tray. D. Power-cycle the system. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 5 Which action should you take during recabling A. Disconnect power. B. Hot-swap cables. C. Connect power. D. Use cables interchangeably. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 6 Which Configuration Network button restores original settings A. Apply B. Undo C. Reset D. Restart Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 7 Which step is required during pre-installation of the IX5000 A. Hang celling lights. B. Install wall panels. C. Verify that the room floor is level. D. Verify that appropriate licenses upgrades and tools are available. Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 8 Which Configuration Network button registers new or modified settings A. Restart B. Apply C. Save D. Reset Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 9 What is the purpose of the IX5000 A. immersive collaboration B. mobile-device use C. desktop use D. home use Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 10 When action can be completed before Unified Communications Manager is configured for the IX5000 A. Install the most resent IX software version B. Download software to the Touch device C. Place but not receive calls D. Modify device description in the Admin GUI. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/700-070-dumps-questions.html

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700-070 Braindumps 700-070 Practice Dumps

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