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Oracle 1z0-343 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Distribution 9.2 Implementation Essentials

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Did You Know 1z0-343 Braindumps 1z0-343 Practice Dumps

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QUESTION 1 A client transfers inventory between warehouses within the same company. Both warehouses carry the inventory at the same cost. In the Journal entries tor the transfer the client finds that the batch amount is blank. Identify the correct reason why this happened. A. The client should reverse the transfer transaction create an issue to remove quantity from the old location and then create an adjustment to add quantity to the new location. B. The AAIs are set up Incorrectly. Correct the AAls so that the journal entry amount will appear. C. No correction is necessary. A batch with a blank amount is correct. D. The cost is incorrect for one of the warehouses. the client should reverse the transfer verify the cost and reenter the transaction. E. The client should carry the Inventory cost at different amounts for each warehouse. This approach ensures that a variance Journal entry is created. Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 2 Yom customer noticed that several orders that were shipped yesterday continue to show up in the list of orders ready to be confirmed In the Ship Confirm program P4205. How should you correct this A. Change the processing in Sales Order entry P42I0 to not allow changes beyond the Ship Confirm status. B. Change the processing options for the Mom and Thru Status in the Ship Confirm program P4205 to allow valid statuses. C. Change data selection for the Ship Confirm program M205 to select the order type and status. D. Check the order activity rules for the order type to ensure that no Other Allowed Statuses have been created for this step. E. Check the processing option for Ship Confirm P4205 to see If Pack Confirm is enabled- Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 3 Which three components do you need to set up shipment hacking A. shipment reference number added to shipment B. carrier SCAC code C. tracking application type In constants/carrier master D. tracking business functions and reference qualifier set up in carrier master E. carrier URL Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 4 Your client wants to track their sales by area of the country type of customer and sales person. They want the value of these sales to be reportable from the G/L. What is the correct way to do this A. Set up Item Category Codes and report on that information. B. Set up Account Master Category Codes and report on that information. C. Set up flexible accounting to drive the information via the AAls to the G/l. D. Set up Address Book Category Codes and report on that information. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 5 Where can the carrier default from when dealing a sales order with shipment A. Transportation Constants or P4210 Processing Options B. P4210 Processing Options or Carrier Preference C. Transportation Constants or Vehicle information D. Customer Billing Instructions or Carrier Preference E. Customer Billing Instructions or P4210 Processing Options Answer: E www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 6 Your customer is required lo d Different Idle the series of document numbers used tor requisitions from those for purchase orders. What is the first step in the process to accommodate this requirement for all new requisitions A. Change the Use field in the Next Numbers for System 43. B. Change the Next Number field In the processing options for Purchase Order Entry. C. Change the Order Type Next Number field in the document type definition. D. Change the Order Type Next Number series in the Order Activity Rules. E. Change the Next Numbers constant to use a different set of numbers. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 7 Your customer requires the address book Application to contain the following features: basic address book Information map of the physical address open Invoices and vouchers. What are the two ways to satisfy your customers request A. Show the customer how to use the existing form exits within the Address Book Revisions application. B. Update the Address Book Revision form to display Invoice vouchers and a physical mop using Composite Application Framework CafeOne. C. Show the customer how to use the existing Row exits within the Work With Addresses application. D. Educate the customer on how to use CafeOne to customize the Address Book Revisions application. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 8 Which two statements are true about checking data in the Data Browser A. Filtering by both transaction type and transaction date is an option. B. Data Items cannot be sequenced according to transaction date. C. Inquiries can be made by transaction as well as by data Item. D. Inquiring about stock adjustments for more than one data item at a time is not allowed. E. The Data Browser Is restricted to nonfinancial applications. Answer: A C www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 9 Order due to ship within tin- next two weeks are considered currant and need to affected inventory availability. The Specific Commitment Days in Branch/Plant Constants is set to 14 so that orders duo to ship more than 14 days In the future are future committed. What should you do to convict a future commitment to a current commitment A. Transfer all required quantity to one location to facilitate one-line ship confirm. B. Run the Repost Sales Odors program R4W95 every two weeks to recommit the orders. C. Run the Repost Sales Orders program R4/99S on a daily basis. D. Run the Convert Future Orders program R479W on a daily basis. E. No action is required when the Request Date of the future committed orders falls within the 14-day window the system will automatically recognize the order as a current commitment. Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 10 How should you group together multiple Delivery Documents In order to print all at once Instead of having users select each document separately A. Enter the correct Global Message to print behind R49115 Print Bill of Lading. B. Set up a Preference for each of the required Delivery Documents. C. Create a Document Set and print the Document Set when required. D. Run R49590 Document Batch Print UBE for the shipments after ship confirmation. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-343-dumps-questions.html

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1z0-343 Braindumps 1z0-343 Practice Dumps

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