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Oracle1z0-1026 Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

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Did You Know 1z0-1026 Dumps Questions 1z0-1026 Practice Dumps

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QUESTION 1 A customer wants week as the default pricing periodicity for recurring charges. Which parameter must be set A. Default Price Periodicity Time B. Item Validation Organization C. Default price periodicity UOM Class D. Default Price Periodicity Year E. Default price Periodicity Recurring Charges Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 2 Which three statements are true regarding pricing profiles A. Oracle Pricing not use the pricingprofiles you define when It prices a sales order. B. You cannot have multiple customers with the same profile values. C. You use the task Manage Customer Piking Profiles to create piking profiles. D. You can use a piking profile to categorize customers who exhibit similar characteristics. E. Oracle Pricing uses the pricing profiles that you define to create a relationship between the piking attributes that describe buying behavior and each customer. F. You use the task Manage Piking Strategy to create pricing profiles. Answer: C D E www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 3 Which Three modifications can you make to a predefined pricing algorithm A. Add a new price point such as a price element. B. Make It nonpublic. C. Display a custom pricing message instead of the predefined pricing message. D. Delete it. E. Modify the sequence of the algorithm steps. F. Renameit. Answer: A C F www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 4 Your freight chargesare not gelling calculated as you expect on the order and you have validated the pricing and shipping rules. You now want to check the algorithm that does the calculation. Which algorithm does this A. Calculate Price B. Calculate Cost C. Calculate Shipping Charges D. Calculate Sales Order Total E. Calculate Freight and Special Charges Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 5 When using cost plus pitting with a calculation method of cost which four options areavailable to allot the cost to the final price A. Cost Override B. CostBucketing C. Discount Percent D. Discount Amount E. MarkupPercent F. Markup Amount Answer: A E F www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 6 Which five predefined customer characteristics are available when creating a customer pricing profile A. Size B. Customer Type C. Value D. Revenue Potential E. Rating F. Location G. Cost to Serve Answer: A C D E G www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 7 Your client is implementing a new pricing model. They want to use Item cost + a markup of 20 for all Items. How do you Implement the priceand/or cost lists for the least maintenance going forward A. Create one Pike list by each Item with the cost ofthe item and selectCost plus pricing check box create a second pike list using All Items Product with a Calculation Method of Cost and Calculation type of Markup percent of20. B. Create a Cost list by each Item with the cost ofthe item select Cost pluspricing check box. and put a Markup percent of20. C. Create a Price List using All Items Product and use a Pricing Attribute to get the cost of the Item and a formula to mark It up. D. Create a Price list with each Item on it with the calculated price on it use ADFdl upload for ease of maintenance. E. Create a Cost List by each item with the cost 0 the Item and select Cost pluspricing check box create a Price list using All Items Product withCalculationMethod of Cost and Calculation type of Markup percent of 20. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 8 Your customer wantsto change costs based on the quality of products ordered. What must be configured to achieve this requirement A. Shipping Charge Adjustment B. Shipping TierAdjustment C. Cost List Adjustment D. Firelight List Adjustment E. Quality Based Shipping Charges Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 9 Which two statements are true regarding pricing strategies A. You can specify whether or not auser can override the default price list. B. Pricing will use any list added to a strategy at run time even If It has not been approved. C. Pricing only uses approved lists at run time. D. You cannot add a listthat has not yet been approved into a strategy. E. You cannot override the default price list. Answer: E www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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QUESTION 10 Your client has now completed their annual pricing review process and updated the price list Excel spreadsheets that were exported with their new data. How can they load this back into the system A. Zip your updated fliesnavigate to Pricing Administration ImportPike Lists and upload the zip file. B. Zip your updated files by pricing strategy and then navigateto each pricing strategy. Go toActions Upload and upload the zip file for that set of price lists. C. Zip your updated files by price list name and then navigate to each price list. Go to Actions Upload and upload the zip file for that price list. D. Zip your updated flies navigate to Scheduled Processes and run load Interface fliesfor Import.After it is completed run Import Price list for each price listinthe file. E. Update It manually in the system. No upload available. Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/1z0-1026-dumps-questions.html

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1z0-1026 Dumps Questions 1z0-1026 Practice Dumps

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