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Avaya 7497X Avaya Oceanaâ„¢ Solution Support Exam

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Question NO 1 When troubleshooting issues related to alarms and events raised by Context Store which log location needs to be checked A. /vat/log/Avaya/services/event.log B. /var/log/Avaya/cs/evenUog C. /var/log/Avaya/dcm/event.log D. /var/log/Avaya/eventing/attivemq.log Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 2 Which VDN is required in Communication Manager for initiating an adjunct route to transfer calls coming from Avaya Experience Portal to Avaya Oceana® A. Transfer VDN B. Routing VDN C. Ingress VDN D. RONA VDN Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 3 For an Avaya Oceana® interaction that is being routed through a Self Service Elite IVR application Communication Manager which state is true A. WorkRequestIDRouteRequestIDContactID B. WorkRequestIDContextStoreID-UCIDContactID C. WorkRequestIDCustomerIDUClDContactID D. WorkRequetIDContextStoreID and ContactlDUClD Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 4 Which two statements describe what the Engagement Designer ED does while it is processing an Incoming Interaction from a chat contact Choose two. A. ED sends a resource request to CS with chat attributes for a suitable agent. B. ED sends a "create new contact" request to OCP snap-in. C. ED workflow requests chat attributes for the Context Id from C Store. D. ED sends a resource request to WA and invites the agent to a chat room. E. ED sends a resource request to WA with chat attributes for a suitable agent. Answer: B E www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 5 When a customer wants to perform a backup of the Avaya Oceana® solution which three actions must they take Choose three. A. Backup Avaya Control Manager DB. B. Backup Omni channel Cache DB. C. Backup Avaya Aura® Session Manager. D. Backup UCA Store Service. E. Backup Cluster 1 Snap-ins SV AR files. Answer: C D E www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 6 From where can you change the log-level for Avaya Oceana® snap-in components A. Omni channel Data store B. System Manager C. Avaya Control Manager D. Breeze Node CLI Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 7 A customer is running an Avaya Oceana® solution and the technical engineer is troubleshooting an operational issue. The customer is using the centralized logging Kibana interface to debug the log files. Which action can the engineer take to quickly file all the ERROR messages in the log files A. Add a custom filter type error and then add this filter in selection criteria. B. Set the login level to FINE to see error messages. C. By default all the errors are highlighted in Kibana. D. Under Filters choose the level and then select Add Filter Error. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 8 When a customer launches the Web chat URL for Oceana Contact Center they observer the error message: A connection error has occurred Connection closed chat has ended. What should be checked in Avaya Oceana® to confirm that the webserver and Oceana are integrated properly A. Check if you get a PING response from Avaya Control Manager Server from Web Server. B. Verify If the Web Server Domain Is set to Customer Web server under Omnichannel Administration C. Check If there are any Avaya Oceana Agents available with Web Chat Channel In the Contact Center D. Verify If you can launch the Omnichannel Administration Utility successfully. Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/7497X-dumps-questions.html

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