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The increasing cost of prescription drugs in the United States has become a source of concern for patients, prescribers, payers, and policymakers.


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Saving Tips on Prescription drugs from Canadian Pharmacy Meds The increasing cost of prescription drugs in the United States has become a source of concern for patients prescribers payers and policymakers. This statistic depicts the total number of retail prescriptions filled annually in the United States from 2013 to 2024. It is estimated that in 2019 4.25 billion retail prescriptions will be filled throughout the United States.

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Prescription drug prices in the United States are costlier than in other countries. Many people cant afford prescription drugs. In 2013 per capita spending on prescription drugs was 858 compared with an average of 400 for 19 other industrialized nations. In the United States prescription medications now comprise an estimated 17 of overall personal health care services. The most important factor that allows manufacturers to set high drug prices is market exclusivity protected by monopoly rights awarded upon Food and Drug Administration approval and by patents. The availability of generic drugs after this

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exclusivity period is the main means of reducing prices in the United States but access to them may be delayed by numerous business and legal strategies. The primary counterweight against excessive pricing during market exclusivity is the negotiating power of the payer which is currently constrained by several factors including the requirement that most government drug payment plans cover nearly all products. Another key contributor to drug spending is physician prescribing choices when comparable alternatives are available at different costs. Although prices are often justified by the high cost of drug development there is no evidence of an association between research and development costs and prices rather prescription drugs are priced in the United States primarily on the basis of what the market will bear. High drug prices are the result of the approach the United States has taken to granting government-protected monopolies to drug manufacturers combined with coverage requirements imposed on government-funded drug benefits. What can you do to save money on Prescription drugs In most circumstances it is illegal for individuals to import drugs or devices into the U.S. for personal use. But You can refill your prescription under the following clause: US FDA has guidance for personal importation of drug or device products. Below provides information regarding situations for which this might be allowed: FDA has guidance for personal importation of drug or device products.  The product is for a serious condition for which effective treatment may not be available domestically either through commercial or clinical means.  There is no known commercialization or promotion of the product to persons residing in the U.S.  The product does not represent an unreasonable risk.  The consumer affirms in writing that the product is for personal use.

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 The quantity is generally not more than a three month supply and either: a. Provide the name and address of the doctor licensed in the U.S. responsible for your treatment with the product or b. Provide evidence that the product is for the continuation of a treatment begun in a foreign country. So you can fill your prescriptions from international pharmacies. These are the following things you should care:  Check the Pharmacy accreditation: Check whether it is accredited by the relevant authority or not. Most of the licensed online pharmacies are accredited and verified by PharmacyChecker or CIPA or MIPA. If the pharmacy is registered under one of this organization then it is a legal and genuine online pharmacy.  Check Trust rating of a website: Most of the fake websites use the fake seals of trusted organizations. But it is not clickable. You can verify any website by clicking the trust seals. Genuine website ensures that you are safe and uses security apps on the website Sitelock Norton Mcafee GeoTrust etc..  Transparency: Genuine Online Pharmacies works very transparently. Genuine pharmacies mention their accreditations address and contact information on the website. One can contact or email the online pharmacy. They have also Live Chat Support to give world-class services.

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 Customer Support: Always check the customer support of an online pharmacy so that you can reach for any query. If any online pharmacy offers live customer support or live chat. It will be best for you. Always consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe generics instead of brand- name drugs. It will helpful for you to save money on prescription drugs. How to order Prescription Drugs Online Be alert and follow the saving tips to fill your prescription online from an online Canadian pharmacy. Step 1: Search your prescription Step 2: Add to cart Step 3: Place your Order You can save your money from PharmacyChecker accredited and licensed Online Pharmacy by using these coupons: Prescription Drugs Discounts Coupon Code: OCM5 Get 5 discount on every order placed from No hidden terms conditions Coupon Code: OCMOV20131126 Get 10 Discount on every order from

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