Canvas Painting Tips - How to Stretch Your Own Canvas

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Painting is a fabulous form of art. It is a great time-kill and interesting hobby or activity. What is better than giving your imaginations and perspective a colorful visual representation Being one of the oldest forms of art painting is very famous among the human race since its very beginning. It is recommended by psychiatrists for the rehabilitation of people with psychiatric ailment. It is also recommended for people who have short term memory loss diseases. It is also beneficial in improving motor skills. If you’re a beginner or don’t have time to set up the formalities of painting before even starting it try using art sets for adults. It would give you a head start to pursue painting as a hobby or an escape time activity. You can look for paint by number sets or paint by numbers kits online and get it delivered to your home easily. You will get a ready-to-use canvas painting kit to boost your creative abilities. After you are done with doing painting and have created your own masterpiece. It’s time to get it framed in your hallway or living room to display it to your friends relatives and feel a sense of achievement. Stretching the canvas for the purpose of framing it can be a tricky task but you don’t have to worry. We have made a list of some tips which could be useful for you in stretching your own canvas. The list is given below: Remember the tools required for stretching: Some tools would be required for stretching of a canvas painting. Some of these tools might be unnecessary but are would prove useful in making the process easier. The tools required for stretching a canvas are a painting made on canvas or picture 1 inch × 2 inches frame boards tape measure pencil hammer panel nails preferably 1 inch Quarter round molding 1 or 2 inches staples Nail punch miter saw and canvas pliers. Measure it right: When you are done with gathering all the tools required in the process. Now it’s time to begin the task of stretching canvas. First of all you should measure the border of the canvas. Canvas with a larger border is easier to work with and would create nice pictures in the end. Cutting and assembling wood: When you are done with measuring the size of the canvas to work with now is the time to start cutting wood accordingly. Cut off a 45 degree on one end of the wooden piece. Now do the same on the other end of the similar wooden piece. Repeat this with three other wooden pieces. This should be done with taking the accurate measure while cutting wood or else you’d end up with the mess and you would have to start it again. Now mold the wooden pieces. When you are done with molding it is time to assemble the wooden pieces and make a frame. Stretching the canvas: After cutting molding and assembling you can finally stretch the canvas. Start the process by putting paper or tissue paper on the table surface. Put the painting on this paper face down. This would help in keeping the painting safe during stretching of the canvas. We have presented some tips for stretching your own canvas this would help you in saving money and time. We hope this would be useful for you. Live with creativity

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