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Part of an ongoing series with the American Marketing Association, this presentation looks at several tactical-level examples of effective video in lead generation campaigns.


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American Marketing Association Connecting · Informing · Advancing since 1937

Video for Lead-in and Landing Pages:

James Heckman - AMA Account Executive Dan Stevens - President, Previous Webinars The Growth of Video-based Content Marketing Content-based Lead Generation Taking the First Steps into Video Marketing Effective Online Video Distribution for Lead Generation 2 Video for Lead-in and Landing Pages

Video for Lead-in and Landing Pages:

Prospects vs. Leads Video in Lead Generation Lead-in and Entry Points Video on the Landing Page Get started! 3 Video for Lead-in and Landing Pages

Prospects vs. Leads:

4 Prospects vs. Leads Leads – those near a purchase decision Defined, understood needs Selecting a vendor for a scoped out project Prospects or Suspects – need nurturing Poorly understood or undefined needs No sense of project scope Lack of management buy-in

Video in Lead-in Generation:

5 Video in Lead-in Generation “Lead Generation" is an exchange Education in exchange for contact information

Lead-in and Entry Points:

6 Lead-in and Entry Points Click to download a white paper campaign

Video on the Landing Page:

7 Video on the Landing Page Optimize the contact form landing page

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Video is complex and expensive to do alone AMA TV is Simple, Affordable & Effective Video filming & production Authentic, co-branded models Targeted reach Conversion Extended reach to your website, social media and outbound marketing Expert advice and support James Heckman AMA Account Executive 630-281-4095 8 Summary

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