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Fourth graders learn Spanish through a unit on the skeleton. They learn all of the names of the parts of the skeleton and how to say “the __ is connected to the ___.” The assessments are: (1) to label a skeleton and (2) to videotape each other describing the skeleton.

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Eighth graders are doing a unit on shopping. The teacher includes content through math. Students have to use addition and subtraction of amounts up to 100 when shopping. Assessments include: listening to a shopping conversation and answering comprehension questions shopping from a peer presenting what they bought to the class and saying something about it

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Sixth graders are learning about quinciñera in Spanish class. They have compared it to “sweet sixteen” and looked at lots of cultural topics. They are also planning a party with parents as a culminating activity. Assessments include: Reading short descriptions of quinciñera in Spanish and answering English comprehension questions. (2) Acting out “situation cards” inviting each other to various events (3) presenting information about quinciñera to parents at the party.

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Kindergarten students are learning about weather. The teacher has them learn to point to all of the French speaking countries on the globe. They look at latitude and longitude on a map and say whether places are hot or cold during different months. Assessments include: The teacher says a country name and a month and they mark the climate on a paper. The teacher says a country name and a month to one of them, he/she has to point it out on a map and say the climate.

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