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Rainforest : 

Rainforest By: Jackelyn Guerrero

Climate : 

Climate The one with the hottest temperature is the rainforest because it is 90 degrees.

Location of Biome : 

Location of Biome There are a lot of places where rainforest are you could see the map on the side. All the dark green areas are the places where rainforest are. They are all over the world.

Animals in the Rainforest : 

Animals in the Rainforest There are a lot of animals in the rainforest. one of them is a Toucan it is an omnivore and it has a large beak. Another animal that is in the Rainforest is spider monkeys they jump around on the stems of the Rainforest. The third is the snake it hides in the trees Another animal is a Macaw. They are different colors.

Plants in the rainforest : 

Plants in the rainforest Here's an orchid with the highest American orchid society award, "fcc." the flowers are large, and unusually colored: mahogany sepals with a purple lip. bromeliads, African violets, periwinkle and the Christmas cactus, began in the rain forest.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Well I hope you liked my

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