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For someone special… : 

May 1, 2010 For someone special…

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For the girl who was born in this hospital on May 1, 1989:

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The eldest in the family who wants to be a polyglot Wants to be a flight attendant, fashion designer Go to different places, study culinary and a lot more…

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Wants to have this car:

Slide 5: 

Wants to have this room:

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Considered as a fashionista and a Richie rich in school for being a frequent taxi rider and shopaholic. She likes eating in yummy and expensive resto …but she can also eat somewhere cheap even in carinderias

For the special girl who turned 21. : 

For a person hurt and lost. For a person who gave everything. For a person who deserve some love. For a person truly the one and only best. Here I am to banish pain and find you. Here I am who will share my everything too. Here I am to give the love you deserve without return. Here I am choosing you to be my first, my last, my best. For the special girl who turned 21.

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Enough said with the background

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Candy/ Char/ Ken/ Nicole/ Ashley! HAPPY 21st Birthday

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The different faces of Candy/ Ken/ Nicole/ Char/ Charmander/ Ashley

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I want CANDY

Slide 12: 

Malaking braso. haha

Slide 13: 

Attractive Eyes

Slide 14: 

Nung maliit pa ang braso.haha

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Slide 16: 

Mr. Suave

The daring look : 

The daring look

Marimar? : 


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Brown hair… Stomach in

Spot the difference  : 

Spot the difference 

Diyosa look (Bangs!) : 

Diyosa look (Bangs!)

Magpakailanman (Mel Tiangco) : 

Magpakailanman (Mel Tiangco)

Slide 23: 

Bawal sa iraq 

Let's play! : 

Let's play!

Binti (loud voice) : 

Binti (loud voice)

Slide 26: 

I remember your ID picture in DLSU with this picture here 

Slide 27: 

I love this pic. I miss you during this time. I was looking for you

Enough said model pictures  : 

Enough said model pictures 

Lakas kumain oh! Sabi na eh. haha : 

Lakas kumain oh! Sabi na eh. haha

EMO. jEJeJe : 


Slide 31: 

With attitude

Speechless colored hair : 

Speechless colored hair

Soul searching : 

Soul searching

Sleeping beauty : 

Sleeping beauty

Slide 35: 


Slide 36: 

Killer smile!

Eyes, face, lips – put color please : 

Eyes, face, lips – put color please

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Unseen faces : 

Unseen faces

Condi - ISE : 

Condi - ISE

Karla - APP : 

Karla - APP

Marit - HTG : 

Marit - HTG

Daphne - ISE : 

Daphne - ISE

Amanda - APP : 

Amanda - APP

Yatco – from Justin : 

Yatco – from Justin

Joan Pamplona - GASI : 

Hi Candy, Happy happy birthday. Si Joan Pamplona ito schoolmate mo sa GASI back in elementary. Oh di ba! Your bf did his ways para magkaron ng contact sa min. Sweet! Anyways, more blessing for you. God bless and take care! Joan Pamplona - GASI

Kate Gascon - GASI : 

Hi Candy dear! Happy birthday! I miss you! How’s life in Japan? Aren’t you going back here in the Philippines? Take care. Love you Candz! Stay pretty. Kate Gascon - GASI

Joca - APP : 

Joca - APP

Abby Sibug - GASI : 

Happy birthday Candy! I know successful ka na sa career mo. Kahit di na tayo nagkikita sa still hindi pa rin kita nakakalimutan. Ang dati kong best friend. Nice. Ingat ka. And alam kong magkikita pa rin tayo someday. Miss you girl. Blow out! Padala mo na lang ah. Abby Sibug - GASI

Kye and SJ – from Justin : 

Kye and SJ – from Justin

Tita Weng, Nanay Remy, Shane – from Ash : 

Tita Weng, Nanay Remy, Shane – from Ash

Nicole and Joseph – from Justin : 

Nicole and Joseph – from Justin

China, Coleen and Patrick – from Ash : 

China, Coleen and Patrick – from Ash

Justin - APP : 

Justin - APP

Slide 70: 

Happy Birthday! 

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