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Wireless Radio Application : 

Wireless Radio Application Jim Gironda Konstantin Berger Dana Sheehan Justin Hatfield

Company Profile : 

Company Profile Our mission as a team is to create an application for the iPhone/iTouch that allow users to transform any old speaker system or car radio system into your personal iTunes library and will be done wirelessly You can listen to your iPhone/iTouch through any speakers that have a FM/AM tuner without the purchase of another additional hardware. One of the companies goals is to provide the most crystal clear audio which is static free

Wireless Radio Application : 

Wireless Radio Application It will be a downloadable application that you can purchase online There will be no need to go purchase any other hardware Turn any audio system with an Am/Fm tuner into personal audio library

Financial Requirements : 

Financial Requirements $1000-$2500 Mac OS X 10.5.5 Leopard $100 A registered membership of the apple iPhone developer program Testing and Development Personal time and materials

Members Responsibilities : 

Members Responsibilities Konstantin – Customer Service Jim – Sales and Marketing Justin – Finance Dana – Human Resources

Profit Thesis : 

Profit Thesis Our companies profit predictions are estimated to be astronomical Due to the fact of WRA being the first application of its kind because it is the first iPhone/iTouch application that eliminates any excessive purchases of hardware. As a result of WRA being the first of its kind there will be patent and copy write of this application

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