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Wireless Radio Application : 

Wireless Radio Application Jim Gironda Konstantin Berger Dana Sheehan Justin Hatfield

Financials : 

Financials Do to competition, like the iTrip which can charge the iPhone or iPod touch, we plan on selling the WRA for around $35. We figure this price will attract iPhone and iPod touch users enough to purchase the application. In time allowing us to breakeven with financial development costs, and eventually make a profit.

Financials : 

Financials First Year Financial Projections by Month: After the purchase of, the Mac OS X 10.5.5 Leopard, the registration membership fee, the development costs, and commercially marketing, we expect to lose around $25,000.

Financials : 

Financials First Year Financial Projections Quarterly: If word spreads about the innovative application we expect to only be down $10,000 in the first three months. After the application has been out for a few months we expect the profits to begin rising to around $5,000 in the next three months. In the next three months we expect to make a profit of $15,000. And in the final three months we project our earnings to be around $35,000.

Five Year Forecast : 

Five Year Forecast Year 1 35000 Year 2 50000 Year 3 50000 Year 4 40000 Year 5 30000

Five Year Forecast : 

Five Year Forecast

Exit Strategy : 

Exit Strategy Our exit strategy would be selling the application to Apple. It will eventually die out because there will be no demand for this application after all the users download it. Once WRA is sold, Apple would take over all responsibilities and customer services.

Historical Financial Data : 

Historical Financial Data We will keep all of the financial records through Microsoft Excel which will allow us to keep track of our finances. Every year we will hire a company to come in and review our record and make sure everything is correct.

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