Unit 3 – Lesson 1

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Unit 3 – Lesson 1 :

Unit 3 – Lesson 1 The Consumer & Sports Products

History of Nike:

History of Nike

The Sports Consumer:

The Sports Consumer Is a target of sports marketing because: Makes Purchases/Attends Games Helps makes the organization a profit A purchase by a sports consumer is: Sign of approval Example (if you purchase a ticket to an event, you are supporting the team and encouraging it to grow)

The Sports Consumer:

The Sports Consumer Reasons why consumers decide not to purchase tickets: Consumer dislikes the sport Ticket price is too expensive

Consumer Decisions :

Consumer Decisions There are two factors that affect the decisions of sports and entertainment consumers: Consumer Environmental Factors Consumer Individual Factors

Consumer Environmental Factors:

Consumer Environmental Factors Consumer’s thoughts and opinions that develop from the given environment they grow up/live in: Family & Friends Society’s Attitudes & Values Cultural Differences Related To: Class, Race, Gender Climate & Region Commercials

Consumer Individual Factors :

Consumer Individual Factors Three Distinct Levels of Individual Factors Self Concept/Self Image: If a teenager sees themselves as athletic, they are more inclined to play sports Self Development (Stage of Life) National Football League (NFL) researchers have found that 60% of fans of any sport say they became fans by the age of 11 Physical Characteristics Ability of that consumer to replicate what the athletes can do on the field

Sports Consumers & Market Segmentation:

Sports Consumers & Market Segmentation Specific characteristics of segmentation are divided as follows: Geographics Where the consumer lives Demographics Statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics such as race, religion, and earnings Psychographics Characteristics that are easier to change (attitudes, opinions) Product Benefits Behaviors, needs and wants regarding specific products benefits

Shifts in Market Segmentation:

Shifts in Market Segmentation Marketers need to constantly adjust to an ever changing market Example: Before Tiger Woods, golf had demographics as follows: Men ages 30-60 Incomes 50,000-175,000 per year After Tiger Woods burst on the scene Teenagers and minorities became interested in golf creating a shift in the market segmentation


Discussion What groups of people do you feel these products lend themselves too: Sports and Exercise Equipment Luxury Sports Cars Animated Movies Lipstick


Question Which young athlete would you choose to appeal to teenagers or younger adults? Why? Please answer in the space provided in your notes!

Sports Products:

Sports Products Sports Products not only provide a physical value for consumers, but they also provide: Entertainment Sociability Achievement

Types of Sports Products:

Types of Sports Products Sporting Events Core products such as: games, events and competition on all levels Sports Information Products like: news, statistics, television shows, radio, online broadcasts Sports Training Services like: camps, fitness centers, and lessons Sporting Goods Equipment, licensed merchandise, collectibles, and memorabilia


Question What is the most important quality you look for when you purchase a pair of athletic shoes? Please answer in the space provided in your notes!

Quality of Goods:

Quality of Goods When analyzing sporting goods, you must ask yourself two questions in terms of marketing: Does the product conform to design specifications in the manufacturing process? How well does the product perform its function in the opinion of the consumers, or end users, of the goods.

Sports Services:

Sports Services Are intangible products that focus on gaining the customers attention and loyalty through providing exemplary service and experience. There are five areas where sports franchises attempt to evaluate their service record, which are referred to as TEAMQUAL Reliability Assurance Empathy Responsiveness Tangibles


Reliability The ability to perform promised services dependably and accurately


Assurance Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence


Empathy The caring, individualized attention provided by the professional sports franchise for its customers


Responsiveness Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service


Tangibles Appearance of equipment, personnel materials, and venue

Sports Product Classifications:

Sports Product Classifications Product Lines satisfy a class of needs and may be used together, sold to the same customer group, sold through the same type of outlets, or have the same price range. Example – Spalding Sporting Goods Infusion Basketball Product Infusion Professional Infusion

Sports Product Classifications :

Sports Product Classifications Product Mix is a compliment of all the products that the company is going to sell. Many companies specialize in one product mix Example: Wilson Sporting Goods Tennis Equipment Baseball Equipment Basketball Equipment Football Equipment Etc…..

Final Thought!:

Final Thought! Sports products, or goods and services, have the potential to generate income and affect the economy with one or more related products – all of which become the focus of marketing activities for businesses, organizations, and consumers.

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