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Infinite Campus-Navigating the Student Portal


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Infinite Campus Student Portal:

Infinite Campus Student Portal What information do student accounts have? Where d o students find class information? Compiled by J Wilson 11/2013

Main Portal Page:

Main Portal Page Tabs For IC Information The Message Tab sends you back to this main portal page. 1 Message from one of the student's teachers District Notices Posted To all FPS School Notices Posted To TMS only Click to See Message Student picture and name

Tabs for IC Info:

Tabs for IC Info Click a to see what information is available for each tab. Come back to this screen to choose another tab

Calendar Tab:

Calendar Tab A+ indicates that there is an assignment . Hover over the A+ and a speech bubble will appear as above. Click on the A+ to see assignments. See Assignment List

Schedule Tab:

Schedule Tab All four Marking Periods show in the Student’s Schedule. Icons are visible for classes if teachers have input those items. Click on the icon to see Assignment, Newsletter or Email address for a specific class Icons Key See GradeBook View of Assignments See Newsletter(s)

Attendance Tab:

Attendance Tab Student picture and name

Grades Tab:

Grades Tab These are assignments that have bee graded recently All Courses will be listed for the entire year. Only the courses in the current marking period will be yellow. Click the Course to see a Gradebook View of assignments. Click the teachers name to see Email address. See GradeBook View of all Assignments See Teacher Contact Info See Newsletter(s) See Assignment Details

Reports Tab:

Reports Tab

Demographics Tab:

Demographics Tab Student name Student name

Message Tab:

Message Tab The Message Tab sends you back to this Main Portal page from other Tabs and Detail pages.

Household Information Tab:

Household Information Tab

Family Members Tab:

Family Members Tab Student name Mother Father

Account Management Tab:

Account Management Tab Students should change their password for their computer network logon, not in this IC window. Once they change their computer password, their IC password will be updated to the new password automatically.

Contact Preferences Tab:

Contact Preferences Tab

Access Log Tab:

Access Log Tab Lists each event that has occurred while the student was logged into their IC account.

Detail Pages That Can Be Accessed From Several IC Tabs :

Detail Pages That Can Be Accessed From Several IC Tabs Assignment List Assignment Details GradeBook View of Assignments Newsletter Attached Assignment Resource File Teacher Contact Info from Grades Tab

Assignments List from Calendar Tab :

Assignments List from Calendar Tab This list appears after the student click on the A+ on their Calendar. These assignments are due on the date from the calendar. To view details about each assignment, click on the Assignment name. See Assignment Details

Assignment Details:

Assignment Details Details about points and score are visible . Students may click on the Grade Book view link to see the list of all assignments and grades for this class. Email Teacher See Newsletter(s) See Attached Assignment Resource file See GradeBook View of Assignments

GradeBook View of Assignments:

GradeBook View of Assignments Assignment Comments will appear here May click on individual assignments to see those details The Grade Scale is visible at the bottom of the Grade Book view See Assignment Details See Newsletter(s)

Newsletter for a Class:

Newsletter for a Class After clicking on the newsletter icon, the latest newsletter will appear. Click the double arrows to see other newsletters. Newsletters will be visible until their end date. Newsletter dates may be edited to extend their visibility for students. If there is more than 1 newsletter it is indicated next to the printer icon.

Attached File for an Assignment:

Attached File for an Assignment After clicking on the attached file, may be prompted to Open or Save the file. If it is a worksheet, students should save it to type into it.

Teacher Contact Info from Grades tab:

Teacher Contact Info from Grades tab Teacher’s email and school phone will appear when the email icon has been click. The teacher must have previously input these into his/her IC account for this information to appear for students and parents.

Inbox Message:

Inbox Message By default, the message indicates only the class/section number that the message is from. The teacher must include his/her name or class name in the message in order for that information to be visible to the student. Students may delete the message; the message’s visibility is not determined by an end date assigned by the teacher. Date sent

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