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Formative and Summative Assessments Presentation Assignment for ETC585 - Group 6


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Formative and Summative Assessments:

Formative and Summative Assessments …a comparative view Presented by Group 6

Formative Assessment …a definition:

A Formative Assessment is an assessment that is delivered during the course of instruction. Decided and implemented by the instructor, a formative assessment provides immediate feedback to both the instructor and the student, which allows for adjustment in the instructional approach to accomplish an intended educational goal. These assessments are typically informal in nature. Formative assessments are frequently referred to as assessments for learning. Formative Assessment …a definition

Formative Assessment …key points:

Assessment for Learning Informal Judges program worth while activities are forming and are in progress Gauges student learning during instruction Teachers understands where the students is going and can adjust approach Student can perform self-assessment and measure progress Allows for improvement of instructional methods through student progress evaluation Typically non-graded activities Formative Assessment …key points

Formative Assessment …examples:

Quizzes Self-Reflection Observation Muddiest/Clearest Point One Minute Paper Round Robin Think-Pair-Share Cooperative Groups Formative Assessment …examples Directed Paraphrase Concept Mapping Debate Peer Assessment Puzzles Role Playing Send-A-Problem Case Study Jigsaw Group Projects

Summative Assessment …a definition:

A Summative Assessment informs an the instructor what the student has learned during the entire program. These assessments are normally performed at the end of unit/chapter, course or program. Typically a formal process, summative assessments are designed to evaluate whether a student has acquired the skills the program was intended to teach. Summative Assessments are frequently referred to as assessments of learning. Summative Assessment …a definition

Summative Assessment …Key Points:

Assessment of Learning Formal Judges the worth of the program at the end of unit/chapter, course or program activities Gauges whether student acquired skills as outlined by program goals and objectives Provides an overall picture of performance Leads to awards or equivalent level of achievement Grade Degree Diploma Certificate Summative Assessment …Key Points

Summative Assessment …Examples:

State Mandated Tests District Benchmarking Assessments Mid-Term Semester Exams Final Semester Exams Entrance Exams (SAT or ACT) National Exams End-of-Unit or Chapter Exams Summative Assessment …Examples

Formative vs. Summative …when to use each:

Formative vs. Summative …when to use each Use Formative Assessments to: Gauge student learning progress Facilitate learning activities Allow students to assess their own learning Determine if adjustment is required in instruction methods Determine student needs and/or gaps in learning Use Summative Assessments to: Record achievements like diplomas, degrees, certificates Anticipate future achievement Allow learners to elevate to higher studies (SAT or ACT exams) Allow learners to progress in the workplace “Sum-up” learning


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