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WRITING SKILLS Brainstorming of Ideas. (Lluvia de ideas) Escribe todas las ideas que tengas en un primer momento No te preocupes de errores gramaticales o spelling. Escribe incluso ideas en tu propio idioma Organising Your Ideas. (Organiza tus ideas) Decide las que vas a utilizar y cuales no. Agrupa las ideas similares. Intenta no repetir ideas Type of Composition: Según el tipo de redacción, ten en cuenta los párrafos que tienes que introducir. Write a First Draft: Escribe un primer borrador. Empieza a escribir un borrador, con oraciones muy sencillas. RECUERDA SIEMPRE: S + VB + C. No empieces las oraciones con complementos. Utiliza algún conector que otro en cada uno de los párrafos. Nunca empieces a escribir traduciendo directamente del castellano al inglés, piensa bien las oraciones. No escribas oraciones muy largas.


WRITING SKILLS TYPE OF COMPOSITION: An Opinion essay A Formal letter / Informal letter A summary A For and against essay A Description of a place A Narrative A Formulation of Hypothesis


AN OPINION ESSAY NUMBER OF PARAGRAPHS. (3) OPENING PARAGRAPH: States the topic and the writer’s opinion: Platea el tema, y tu opinión sobre el tema. BODY PARAGRAPH: Supports the writer’s opinon with facts and examples. Respalda tus opiniones con hechos y ejemplos. CLOSING PARAGRAPH: Summarises and restates the writer’s opinion: Resume y replantea tu propia opinión.


USEFUL CONNECTORSOPINION ESSAY In my opinion,… I think / I feel that… I believe that… As I see it,… I love /can’t stand / don’t mind… As for… (En cuanto) If you ask me,… For example,… It seems to me that… As far as I’m concerned,… Personally,… In conclusion,… To sum up,… In short,…(en pocas palabras)


OPINION ESSAY Are boot camps a good idea? Write an essay giving your opinion. Many teenagers’ behavior is getting worse. Consequently, some parents need extra help with badly behaved children. In my opinion, boot camps are an effective way of correcting this bad behavior. Many young people have friends who are a bad influence. Therefore, they need to spend some time apart from these friends, which is why their parents send them to a boot camp. Teenagers often enjoy boot camps. Brian g Grant, aged seventeen, explained that at first, he had really hated the strict regime. However, he said that boot camp had made him feel more positive about the future. These days, his behavior is fine. As far as I am concerned, some parents have lost control of their children. It is clear to me that boot camps are needed as a way of correcting the worst teenagers.


A FORMAL LETTER 1. DETAILS: La dirección del que escribe la carta, y la fecha a la derecha. Nombre y dirección de quien recibe la carta, o nombre de la empresa. 2. FORMAL GREETING: Saludo formal: Dear Sir / Madam, 3. PARAGRAPHS: (3) OPENING: Exponer las razonas para escribir la carta. BODY: Preguntar información sobre el tema. CONCLUSION: Solicitar una respuesta. CLOSING: Terminar con un saludo formal. Yours faithfully. Después la firma y el nombre con apellidos justo debajo.


USEFUL CONNECTORSFORMAL LETTER Greetings: Dear Sir / Madam, Dear Mr /Mrs / Ms…, Purpose of writing: I am writing in reply to your advertisement in… I am writing in order to apply for the position of… I would like to apply for the position of… Concluding remarks: I hope you will consider my application favourably. Enclosed please find a photograph of myself. Please contact me if you requiere any further information. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Closing: Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely,


AN INFORMAL LETTER 1. DETAILS: La dirección del que escribe la carta, y la fecha a la derecha. 2.GREETING: Saludo. Escoge un saludo, por ejemplo Hi(Hola) o Dear (Querido)… 3. PARAGRAPHS: (3 / 2) OPENING PARAGRAPH: Formula una pregunta, por ejemplo: How are you? How was your holiday? Etc. Habla de cómo te va a ti. BODY: Aporta información sobre lo que quieras comentar y escribe en uno o dos párrafos desarrollando un par de ideas. CONCLUSION: Despídete de la persona a la que escribes, y completa utilizando una expresión de despedida: Por ejemplo: Bye for now o Write soon. CLOSING: Firma la carta.


USEFUL CONNECTORSINFORMAL LETTER Greetings: Dear / Hi…, Ask about the receiver: How are you? / How’s it going? / How are things? Answer a previous letter: Thanks for your letter. It was good to hear from you. You asked about… You asked me to tell you… You wanted to know about… Thanks for asking about… Apologizing: I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while, but… It’s been ages since I last wrote to you, but…


USEFUL CONNECTORSINFORMAL LETTER Give additional information: What else? Oh, yes… I also wanted to tell you about… By the way, did I tell you that…? Anyway, I also… Closing: Write soon Keep in touch. Looking forward to hearing your news. Love, /Bye, /Take care, / All the best, / See you,


INFORMAL LETTER Write a letter to a friend, telling him or her about your plans for the holiday break. Address on the right Hi Emma. How’s life in Bampton? Sorry I haven’t written for a while, but I’ve been training with the team. This time next week, I’ll be competing in the South of England Athletics Championships! I’m thinking about what to do in the holiday break. My family’s planning to go to Italy, which should be pretty cool! I’m studying Roman history at school, so I hope to visit the Colosseum in real life. In July, I’ll be camping with my cousins in Ireland. Have you decided what you’re going to do? Let’s meet up before the holidays start. Write soon and let me know when you’re free. All the best, Ben


A SUMMARY 1 or 2 paragraphs. Steps: Read the text carefully and identify the main ideas. Then decide which to include. (Lee cuidadosamente e idenfitica ideas principales, y decide cuáles incluir) Paraphrase sentences when possible. Parafrasea oraciones cuando sea posible Use connectors to shorten or combine sentences to be more concise. Utiliza conectores para acortar y combinar oraciones. USEFUL LANGUAGE: Apparently, Consequently, If Presently Finally, In short Clearly Although Obviously


A FOR AND AGAINST ESSAY NUMBER OF PARAGRAPHS (4) OPENING: Introduce el tema sobre el que vas a escribir. FOR: Empieza con ideas a favor del tema. AGAINST: Continúa con ideas en contra del tema. CLOSING: Concluye dando tu opinión personal sobre el tema en el último párrafo.


USEFUL EXPRESSIONSFOR AND AGAINST ESSAY The question is… On the one hand,… On the other hand,… However, But Although In contrast As a result of So For that reason Consequently In addition,… Moreover, Furthermore For example, … For instance, … In conclusion, … To sum up, … I believe that… In my opinion,…


FOR AND AGAINST ESSAY “Everyone should learn English”. Write an essay giving arguments for and against this statement. At the moment, most people who learn a foreign language study English. However, some people would argue that English is not so important. There are several points to consider. On the one hand, it is clear that English is an important international language. For example, if you want to make friends with people from other countries or to travel abroad. English is very useful. Speaking English can also help you to get a good job. Another point is that American singers sing in English. On the other hand, millions of people speak Spanish and if you travel to South America, Spanish is more useful than English. Furthermore, you may not need English for work if your town is not a tourist centre. Finally, it takes a lot of time and effort to speak English. To sum up, there are advantages and disadvantages to learning English, but I think students should have a choice. For people who are not very good at languages, it may be better to study other subjects.





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