World top 7 royal crowns & most expensive crowns in the world

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World top 7 royal crowns:

World top 7 royal crowns most expensive crowns in the world

United Kingdom The Crown Jewel:

United Kingdom The Crown Jewel This crown was worn by the royal family of United Kingdom and the most expensive crown in the world. Originally the Crown Jewels of England, are 140 royal ceremonial objects kept in the Tower of London. This crown was estimated to be almost $39 million.

Imperial Crown of Austria:

Imperial Crown of Austria The Imperial Crown of Austria was made in 1602 in Prague by Jan Vermeyen as the personal crown of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. The crown was used as a private crown of the Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Hungary and Bohemia from the House of Habsburg. In 1804 it became the official crown of Austrian Empire. This crown was estimated to be almost $18 million.

Crown of the King of Bavaria:

Crown of the King of Bavaria Crown of Bavaria was ordered and designed 1804–1807 for Maximilian. The King of Bavaria was wearing an expensive wreath. The crown of the king was studded with the diamonds, emeralds, pearls and rubies as well. This crown was estimated to be almost $17 million.

Danish Crown Regalia:

Danish Crown Regalia The Danish treasure has almost 3 precious crowns, flask, and a sword as well, and the treasure was found in about 1551 which mean this crown is very old. Denmark wreath was designed by Didrik Fyren and was completed in 1596. This crown was estimated to be almost $12 million.

Bohemian Crown Czech Republic:

Bohemian Crown Czech Republic It is also commonly known as Bohemian Crown Jewels. It was designed and made in 1347. Czech Republic was made up of 22k gold and was further studded with the rubies, pearls, emeralds and many other precious stones as well. In the whole treasure, the most expensive thing was this diadem that was very expensive.

Crown Jewels of Norway:

Crown Jewels of Norway The regalia of Norway which have since been lost and the majority of items date from 1818 and were made for the coronation of Jean Bernadotte as King Carl III Johan. The last king and queen in Norway to be crowned were  Haakon VII and his wife Maud of Wales in 1905.

Crown of João VI Portguese:

Crown of João VI Portguese The Crown of João VI, also known as the Portuguese Royal Crown is the most recent and only extant crown of the Portuguese Crown Jewels. The Crown of João VI was made in 1817 for the acclamation of King João VI.

World top royal crowns for princess:

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