4 important reasons why you must give your child a fish oil supplement

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4 important reasons why you must give your child a fish oil supplement Parents are constantly worried about the health and nutrition of their children. While daily foods contribute highly towards healthy eating habits sometimes certain nutrients get left out due to your child’s eating problems. If you are considering health supplements for your child ensure that you do a thorough research and pick products that are effective and safe for the development of your children. Here are 4 major reasons why you must consider children’s fish oil as a supplement: 1. It significantly improves the development of your child’s brain DHA omega 3 is an essential nutrient that is required for the proper development of your child’s brain. This actually begins when a woman is pregnant since the foetus is also dependent on the mother’s DHA omega-3 nourishment for development. Various studies have proved that fish oil supplements can improve cognitive performance memory focus and attention span. 2. They help in reducing asthma and eczema Inflammation in the body can lead to various problems like eczema and asthma as well as heart problems. Many times inflammation does not have any symptoms and therefore it is impossible to diagnose at an early stage. More people are currently consuming Omega-6 fatty acids known to promote inflammation as compared to Omega-3 fatty acids known to reduce inflammation. When you give fish oil supplements to kids there is less threat to their health. 3. There are less behavioural issues with children taking fish oil supplements Various research studies have shown that people who are diagnosed with behavioural issues like ADD anxiety depression bipolar disorder and ADHD are known to have a deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acids. When you give fish oil supplements to your child from an early age you prevent him from having any of these conditions or developing any behavioural problems in the future. 4. Fish oil supplements are safer than feeding fish to your children everyday

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The alternative to opting for fish oil supplements is actually eating different servings of fish every week. This can be quite expensive and might not be a safe option for your children. Various contaminants like mercury arsenic lead dioxins and heavy metals are sometimes found in ocean life. When you eat more of fish you have a higher chance of consuming these contaminants. Plus young children are even more prone to infections and health problems and therefore it might not be a good idea to feed them fish every week. Fish oil supplements are purified and molecularly distilled making them a healthy and safe option for children as well as adults. Along with this you can also opt for haliborange kid multivitamins to complement the overall nutrition of your child. Do a research to find safe affordable and high quality supplements for your children so that you can ensure their good health and nutrition. For more information visit: -http://www.foodsups.com.sg/

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