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Jet Blue Airlines Weather in Houston what to pack and what not to pack Like many cities the weather in Houston can change drastically from one day to the next but its weather is typically humid for most of the year. Houston has enormous variations when it comes to weather where the sun could be shining downtown while at the same time the citys north side gets pinged with flash flood alerts. While Houstonians pull on their sweaters and reach for umbrellas people in Galveston can be sunbathing. Regardless of the time of year if youre planning to visit Houston soon then this might be the best time to make your reservations with JetBlue Airlines Reservations. Get amazing fares at the last minute the more in advance you buy your tickets the cheaper the fares are. Visit JetBlue Airlines Official Site to check for weekly fare sales. Upgrade your ticket to first class for a nominal fee when you fly frequently with JetBlue Airlines Flights. From discounts to refund tickets we can be the best doorways to your ultimate dream destination. What to expect and what not to expect while in Houston

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Most of the year the citys temperatures range between 60 to 80 degrees year-round while its uncommon for the mercury to rise 30 degrees during winter. Whether youre planning a trip to the beach a hike or bike trail doing a little research and knowing what to expect weather-wise can help you prepare better and pack smart for what youll encounter. Spring in Houston If you want to enjoy outdoor activities such as camping hiking or anything adventurous visiting Houston during spring may be a good idea. During the month of March there’s a balance in temperature neither too hot nor too cold. By April and May temperatures warm up significantly and rainfall starts occurring. Strong thunderstorms accompanied by hail or lightning are some of the characteristics of late spring months. What to pack: You can pack plenty of casual clothes without worrying about being too cold or too hot. Jeans blouses and dresses are all appropriate and bring along with a pair of shoes which provides you more comfort. Summer in Houston Summer in Houston can be very hot and humid with July being the hottest month of the year with an average of 294 hours of daylight spread throughout the month. Watch out for fast-moving intense thunderstorms which can further give more room to humidity. What to pack: Carry lightweight breathable clothing. Dont forget your sunglasses and sunscreen either. Fall in Houston by September temperatures eventually slow down. By October one can expect cooler temperatures longer days hurricanes heavy flooding and rains are some of the characteristics during this season. What to pack: If youre planning to visit Houston during this winter then why not fly with the cheapest deals. We know you want to save more that’s why JetBlue Airlines Deals are offering some really cheap deals on a number of flight fares this season. It’s now or never don’t miss the opportunity of these deals you may never come across such prices again. Hurry consult our travel experts today and explore your price options.

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In case you are visiting Houston during the month of September your packing list shouldnt differ too much from peak summer months. Do pack sweaters jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts as temperatures get cooler especially at night Winter in Houston Winters months are mostly dry and cool temperatures dont go below freezing but you can expect a snow or ice storm. January is the coolest month while February is the driest. A road trip bird watching may be a good idea during these months. What to pack: Carry a pea coat and scarf for the coldest days along with jeans and a long-sleeved shirt paired with a blazer or light cardigan to keep you warm.

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