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Learn how to install motion detector lighting. We provide you the best guide to install motion lighting and motion light solar.


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Your Garage Guard:

Your Garage Guard

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Our website provides you information about different types of motion sensor lights, to help you choose the best motion sensor light for your garage. About us:

Best Motion Sensor Light:

A buying g uide t o h elp y ou f ind t he b est m otion s ensor l ight What to l ook f or i n a motion s ensor l ight Detection zone Range Ease of i nstallation Best Motion Sensor Light

Motion Sensor Light:

Protect your h ome b y h aving a n o utdoor m otion s ensor light . There are two types of motion sensors: Active Motion Sensors Active motion sensors depend on transmission and feedback to indicate any changes within the sensor’s detection range. Passive Motion Sensors A passive motion sensor is at the other end of the motion detector spectrum. These units use an infrared sensor also known as a PIR (passive infrared), and it’s the only type of passive sensors available as of right now. Motion Sensor Light

Solar Powered Security Lights:

Litom Solar Security Lights With the l itom bright s olar l ights you don’t have to worry about hooking the units up to an electrical supply—they feature a solar panel that is capable of charging the batter in no time—even in less than sunny environments. Solar Powered Security Lights

Motion Lights:

Learn how to i nstall m otion d etector l ighting We provide you the best guide to install motion lighting and motion light solar. How to install m otion l ight s olar Setting the motion d etector’s range Setting t he m otion d etector’s a im Installing y our n ew m otion d etector l ight Various other tips to help you in installing Motion lights Motion Lights

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