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Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela Ministerio de Educación y Cultura Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín Alfonzo , Humberto C.I: 22.362.634 Montes, Jesus C.I: 21.487.474 Rodríguez, Jordy C.I: 20.281.720 Presented by : MUSIC Teacher : Molero, Doris Maracaibo 06 de Abril del 2011

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English Class I like My ambition I Love My Favorite Band I would like to ABOUT ME ABOUT ME ABOUT ME I hate

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English Class I like I Study My Ambition I Love I hate ABOUT ME I would like to English Class

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English Class I like I hate I Study I Live My Ambition I Love ABOUT ME I would like to

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Time UNIT 7 CHANNEL 7:00 AM 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 PM MTV Wake up hits Mtv news When I was 17 Upload Top 10 HTV Video gallo Htv raíces Hurbano Escencial 21 RITMO LATINO Musical morning Music news Entrevistas Esencia latina Vs. MUSICPLANET Tropical Románticas Ritmo y sabor Discotek Salsa English Class

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English Class The Viña del Mar International Song Festival I s a music festival held annually during February since 1960 in Viña Del Mar , Chile. Is the most important Latin American festival . The Festival features a song competition on two categories “pop music song and folk song ” interspersed with performances by international music stars from around the world , encompassing such diverse genres as rock, pop music , merengue, salsa, reggaetón and others . The event takes place in the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater and has been broadcast for Chilean television over the years . Special Occations UNIT 8

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English Class UNIT 9 Person to person He goes to bed

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English Class Home sweet home Bathroom Kitchen Dining room B edroom Living room UNIT 10 Tito’s house

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Clothing UNIT 11 English Class Sweater A Pair of jeans A pair of shoes Shirt Sun glasses Tie Cap

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UNIT 12 Jobs and Ambitions Music Singers English Class Record Store Dancers Manager

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English Class BackStage

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