Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle Prashanthini.S.B 09IT37 CIT

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Contents Introduction What is bermuda triangle? Dissapearances Reasons for the dissapearances Conclusion

Bermuda triangle : 

Bermuda triangle The Bermuda Triangle is a strange and mysterious place in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is roughly the shape of a triangle and it is said to have sucked planes and boats into its dark and murky waters. No one knows what happened to the planes and boats. When some enter the waters of the triangle they disappear is also known as devils triangle


WHAT IS IT? The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. It starts in Florida and goes to hen to Bermuda then back to Miami. There have been many unexplained disappearances in that area, although many ships and planes go through safely everyday

Dissapearances : 

Dissapearances Lots of dissapearances have been reported. Among those the most famous are: The Spray- Joshua Slocum Marine Sulphur Queen Star Tiger Flight 19 cyclops

The Spray- Joshua Slocum : 

The Spray- Joshua Slocum The Bermuda Triangle claimed one of the greatest sailors of all time. His name was Joshua Slocum. On April 24th, 1895, at the age of 51, Joshua Slocum left Boston and began a one man journey around the world. Slocum sailed in a small poorly equipped boat. The Spray was less than 37 feet long.

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Slocum sailed that boat on a 46,000 mile trip around the world. This took him three years. When he finished, he became the first man in history to sail around the world alone. In 1909, he set out on a one man trip to the West Indies. In November he stopped at Miami for supplies. That was the last time anybody saw him. His next route took him into the Bermuda Triangle


STAR TIGER In January, 1948, a British airliner called,"Star Tiger" was coming to the end of a routine flight from Azores to Bermuda. The plane was expected to arrive on time, but it didn't arrive at all. A search was being made to look for survivers or wreckage, when a radio station picked up a faint message supposedly to be from the aircraft.

Reasons for the dissapearances : 

Reasons for the dissapearances Watespouts and Whirlpools Deep Water Eddies The Gulf Stream White Water Yellow haze The Lost Continent Of Atlantis Portal To Another Dimension


YELLOW HAZE The Yellow Haze is a strange and eerie force that cannot be explained. The Yellow Haze is like a thick, yellow fog that is so dense you can see nothing around you. Somebody said while visiting the Triangle, "We saw the haze, and we have seen nothing like it... since we visited the Triangle." The Yellow Haze is more than fog, heavier than humidity, what kind of magnetic force is in the Haze? Can this contribute to the loss of planes and ships?

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Portal to Another Dimension  Another interesting theory about the Bermuda Triangle area is that certain places there serve as portals to other dimensions.  The sheer number of credible eyewitness UFO reports makes this an area warranting serious further study with respect to either permanent or ever-changing possible portal sites.  Credible scientists making careful observations in the area have reported anomalies in magnetism and gravitational forces here that cannot be explained by conventional physics, introducing the possibility that there is a dynamic opening and closing of other dimensional doorways in the vicinity.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion In summary, the Bermuda Triangle is a fascinating area with a rich history that does seem to be conducive to supernatural phenomena in some respects, though further analytical study is definitely needed.   There is speculation that the US government is already conducting covert tests in the Bahamas area, specifically Bimini, though exactly what they are looking for is as much a mystery as the area itself.  Indeed, the famous "Bimini Road" is located on this island, where some say portions of the ruins of Atlantis can be seen in the clear shallow water.   The National Geographic Society is reportedly investigating the reports of the lost city beneath the waters off Cuba, but they have not made any public announcements about what they have found to date.

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