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Home Healh Aide


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Home Health Aide:

Home Health Aide By: Jessica Scott

Home health aide:

Home health aide A home health aide’s provide care in the patient’s home. Home health aides usually take care of the elderly or people with disabilities. They monitor or report changes in health. They may also provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming the patient. Salary: The hourly wage is usually between $10 or $14 and the annual wage is between $20,560 or $29,390.

Education and training:

Education and training You must complete your high school education. Obtain proper training. Vocational and technical colleges, and home health agencies. Determine specific state requirements. There are certain states that will require home health aides to be licensed.


uniform Depending on your supervisor and patient, your supervisor may want you to wear scrubs, but the patient or the patient’s family may want you to wear normal clothes for privacy issues.


schedule Think about what time of day is most difficult for you and the patient. Having a set routine as much as possible will benefit the care giver and the client. Make sure your needs are met by the home care schedule, but be flexible; not everyone can receive a shower and breakfast by 9:00 a.m.

What kind of person likes this job?:

What kind of person likes this job? A person who is interested in the health care field and who would enjoys taking care of the elderly and disabled in a home setting.

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