Cultural Generations and Generation i


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Lost Generation:

Lost Generation Came of age around 1914 “Generation of 1914” “Génération au Feu” , the Generation in Flames

Fought in WWI:

Fought in WWI

Ernest Hemmingway:

Ernest Hemmingway

Greatest Generation:

Greatest Generation Born 1901 – 1924 Ages 86 – 109 Came of age in Great Depression

Greatest Generation :

Greatest Generation Tom Brokaw (journalist)- "it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.“ 1998 book The Greatest Generation Rebuilt America into superpower Also called “G.I. Generation” Generations (1991)

The Greatest Generation (1998):

The Greatest Generation (1998)

Silent Generation:

Silent Generation Born 1925 – 1945 Ages 65 – 85 Too young for WWII service “Children of the Great Depression”

Baby Boom Generation:

Baby Boom Generation Born 1946 ~ 1964 Ages 64 – 46 Rejection of traditional values Privilege and Affluence

Generation X:

Generation X Born 1961 – 1981 Ages 49 – 29 “Baby Busters” After baby boom Without identity

Generation X:

Generation X Growing up in ill-defined (hostile?) future Generation of broken homes First post-modernist Diversity and social acceptance Ignore vs. Challenge authority

Generation ?:

Generation ? Born 1970 – 2000 Ages 10 – 30 Generation Y Millennials Generation Me Generation One Generation Next



PowerPoint Presentation:

Generation I: Middle Children of the Information Age Devin Coldewey March 2010 in Crunch Gear “they are the first…to feel this way or that, the first to make this or that revelation, the first to do and make things that we find later have been done and made since before we could record their doing and making.”

Hammer Stage:

Hammer Stage

Paper Stage:

Paper Stage

Tinker Stage:

Tinker Stage

Mirror Stage:

Mirror Stage

The cycle:

The cycle

Thank You:

Thank You Coldewey, Devin. Generation I: Middle Children of the Information Age. March, 2010. Generation. Wikipedia. varying dates.

Who is Generation i?:

Who is Generation i?

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