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Visit our Wallabies Thai - Thai Restaurant in Mascot. Get 5% off on your First order. Try your Favourite Thai food at Wallabies Thai Restaurant in Mascot NSW.


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Wallabies Thai Restaurant Offers and Discounts:  Order at Wallabies Thai Restaurant through Ozfoodhunter and Get 5 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05.  Order Now: https://www.wallabies-thai.com.au/  Get 15 off on your Order Use code OZ015 Minimum Order 100 and more.  Download the Ozfoodhunter App and Get 5 off – http://bit.ly/2QKEFuv View Menu: Appetisers Spring Roll Vegetarian 4Vegetables vermicelli wrapped in pastry served with plum sauce PRICE 7.00 Curry Puff Vegetarian 4Onions peas corns carrot potatoes lightly spices with curry powder wrapped in puff pastry served with sweet chilli sauce PRICE 7.00 Fish Cake 4Patties of fish fillet with thai herb spices served with sweet chilli sauce

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PRICE 7.50 Chicken Satay 4Fried marinated chicken breast on a skewer with peanut satay sauce PRICE 8.00 Money Bag 4Chicken mince peas corn water chestnuts wrapped in pastry served with sweet chilli sauce PRICE 8.00 Prawns Roll 4Marinated whole prawns wrapped in pastry deep fried and served with plum sauce. PRICE 8.00 Chicken Wings 6Marinated chicken wings deep fried topping with our little sweet home-made sauce PRICE 7.50 Heavenly Crab 4Deep fried crispy crab meat balls served with plum sauce PRICE 8.00 Dim Sim 6Steamed wanton dumplings filling of chicken and prawns PRICE 8.00 Mixed Entree 5One of each spring roll curry puff fish cake chicken satay and chicken wings PRICE 8.50 Deep Fried Fresh Tofu VegetarianServed with peanut satay sauce PRICE 7.00 Soups Tom Yum PrawnsSpicy soup with king prawns mushrooms lemongrass limes leaves and fresh lemon

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PRICE 9.00 PRICE Hot Pot large 16.90 Tom Kar ChickenTender chicken breast with coconut milk soup mushroom lemon juice galangal and limes leaves PRICE 9.00 PRICE Hot Pot Large 16.90 Sour Seafood SoupSpicy hot and sour combination seafood soup flavoured with mushroom lemongrass lime leaves galangal lemon juice basil leaves and touch of chilli PRICE 9.00 PRICE Hot Pot Large 16.90 Thai Salads Thai Beef SaladGrilled marinated beef with lemon juice fish sauce mint cucumber tomato red onion fresh chilli and chilli jam PRICE 12.90 BBQ Chicken or BBQ Beef Larb"Larb" Home-made chicken or beef fillet marinated cooked in Thai style with toasted ground rice red onion coriander shallot and roasted chilli without chilli jam PRICE 12.90 Som Tum Thai - Prawns or SeafoodStreamed and grilled seafood with green papaya smattered in the mortar and pestle with lime juice fresh chilli dried shrimps green bean tomato peanut topping with cashew nut without chilli jam PRICE 16.90 Prawns or Seafood SaladSteamed and gilled seafood cooked with chilli jam fresh chilli lemon juice red onion lemongrass mint and veggies

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PRICE 16.90 Duck SaladRoast Duck with chilli jam lemon juice coriander shallot cucumber tomato red onion mint and fresh chilli PRICE 16.90 Vermicelli SaladChicken mince and grilled prawns with vermicelli noodle mint shallot red onion lemon juice topping with cashew nuts PRICE 16.90 Squid SaladGinger coriander mint red onion spring onion fresh chilli and drizzied with lemon juice and fresh squid PRICE 16.90 Veggies SaladMixed Seasonal fresh veggies lettuce tomato cucumber onion spring onion capsicum mint and sliced of boiled egg with our home-made salad dressing and cashew nut PRICE 12.90 BBQ BBQ Chicken bonelessPopular chicken boneless marinated chicken thigh fillet with Thai herbs and grilled in Thai style PRICE 12.90 BBQ Beef Beef filletName is "Thai Steak or Crying Tiger" grilled marinated beef fillet served with home-made sauce PRICE 12.90 BBQ SquidMarinated squid in Thai herbs topped with peanut sweet chilli sauce PRICE 16.90 Rice / Noodle Steamed Rice PRICE Regular 3.00

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PRICE Large 4.00 Steamed Rice Noodles/Hokkien Egg Noodles PRICE 3.00 Roti Bread 1 Piece PRICE 2.00 Roti Bread 2 Pcswith peanut satay sauce PRICE 7.00 Peanut Sauce PRICE Small 3.50 PRICE Regular 5.00 Fried RiceFried rice with selection of meat with tomato peas corn onion and egg PRICE 10.90 Fried Rice Chilli Basil Most people like itFried rice with fresh chilli hot basil onion and egg PRICE 10.90 Crab Fried RiceThai fried rice with crab meat onion tomato peas corn egg and cashew nut PRICE 14.90 Wallaby Fried RiceSelection of meat fried rice with egg peas corns pineapple sultana and cashew nut PRICE 10.90 Thai Style Fried RiceHome-made marinated chicken or beef mince stir fried with fresh chilli hot basil onion and egg PRICE 10.90

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Chilli Jam Fried Rice with Hot BasilSelection of meat choice onion shallot hot basil egg with chilli jam and cashew nut PRICE 10.90 Pad Thai Very popular in Wallaby ThaiStir fried thin noodles with selection of meat egg tofu bean sprout and peanut topping and lemon on the side PRICE 10.90 Pad See Eew Popular as wellFlat rice noodles stir fried with chinese broccoli bean sprout and egg in soy sauce PRICE 10.90 Pad Kee MowThick flat rice noodles stir fried with selection of meat with fresh chilli garlic shallot egg onion chinese broccoli and hot basil PRICE 10.90 Hokkien Noodles Stir FriedStir fried thick egg noodles with selection of meat with chinese broccoli bean sprout spring onion lightly soy sauce and egg. PRICE 10.90 Laksa Noodles SoupCoconut curry soup with vermicelli noodles bean sprouts pak choy broccoli and tofu with fried onion topping PRICE 10.90 Lad Na Noodles Gravy SauceMeat or seafood selection stir fried with flat rice noodles topping with chinese broccoli gravy sauce and egg PRICE 10.90 Tom Yum Noodles SoupSelection of meat choice in spicy soup. lemongrass mushroom bean sprout pak choy Thai herbs and thin noodles PRICE 10.90 Clear Noodles SoupChoice of meat or seafood with clear soup veggies and thin rice noodles

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PRICE 10.90 Suki stir fried or soupEgg chinese broccoli snowpea mushroom carrot spring onion and clear vermicelli noodles PRICE 10.90 Ocean Ball Clear Soup Egg NoodlesSeafood ball with egg noodles with peanut topping PRICE 14.90 Egg Noodles with BBQ Without soupOur popular "BBQ chicken boneless" or BBQ beef fillet ""crying tiger" comes with egg noodles and veggies PRICE 12.90 Thai Omelet on Steamed Jasmine RiceMarinated chicken mince in Thai Omelet come with chilli/sweet chilli/tomato sauce PRICE 10.90 Cashew Nut Stir Fried NoodlesStir fried flat rice noodles with your meat cashew nut sauce and veggies PRICE 10.90 Curries MassamanThe mildest of Thai curry with meat potatoes massaman paste and coconut milk lamb selection is lamb chump chops PRICE 14.90 Green CurrySelection your choice of meat with bamboo shoots fresh veggies and basil PRICE 14.90 Red CurrySame as above with red curry paste but less chilli PRICE 14.90

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Yellow CurryMild curry in coconut milk with potatoes onion and veggies PRICE 14.90 Panang CurrySelection your choice of meat with veggies cooked in coconut milk and traditional thick peanut based curry paste PRICE 14.90 Jungle CurryHot country style curry with selection of meat and a lot of Thai herbs without coconut milk PRICE 14.90 Choo Chee CurryTasty of crush Thai herbs in coconut milk PRICE 14.90 Stir Fried Chilli BasilStir fried mixed veggies bamboo shoots fresh hot chilli and hot basil PRICE 14.90 GingerMixed veggies and fresh ginger stir fried with soy sauce PRICE 12.90 PumpkinStir fried fresh pumpkin with garlic egg seasonal veggies and fried onion topping PRICE 12.90 EggplantStir fried eggplant mixed veggies basil egg and fried onion topping PRICE 12.90 Oyster SauceChinese broccoli mixed veggies in oyster sauce PRICE 12.90 Green PeppercornStir fried seasonal veggies garlic and peppercorn in curry paste

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PRICE 12.90 Prik KhingDelicious home-made curry paste stir fried with bean and seasonal veggies and lime leaves PRICE 12.90 Prik SodStir fried fresh chilli with onion shallot and fresh veggies PRICE 12.90 Peanut SauceSteamed veggies topping with home-made peanut satay sauce PRICE 14.90 Garlic PepperFresh garlic mixed seasonal veggies in sweet soy sauce and pepper PRICE 14.90 Cashew NutStir fried veggies with cashew nut and special home-made sauce PRICE 14.90 Sweet and SourStir fried combined with tomato cucumber pineapple mixed veggies in sweet and sour sauce PRICE 12.90 Chilli Jam with Hot BasilStir fried chilli jam onion shallot hot basil and cashew nut PRICE 12.90 Chilli Jam Combo with Hot BasilChicken beef and lamb PRICE 12.90 Chef Special Green Apple SaladFried fish with Thai Style green apple salad cashew nut with/without chop chilli PRICE 26.90

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Chilli JamFried-Fish with stir fried veggies chilli jam sauce fried basil cashew nut topping PRICE 26.90 Choo CheeFried Fish with choo chee curry paste sprinkled with lime leave PRICE 26.90 Ginger and ShallotSteamed fish with ginger shallot and Thai sauce poured on the top PRICE 26.90 Royal Spice In Tamarind SoupFried fish with Thai spicy tamarind soup and veggies without coconut milk PRICE 26.90 Grilled FishMarinated whole fish with Thai herb side of veggies PRICE 26.90 Authentic SalmonFried salmon cutlet with crab meat covered in mouth watering home made sauce mushroom and veggies PRICE 19.90 Steak Salmon FilletGrilled salmon fillet with garlic and pepper stir fried veggies on the side PRICE 19.90 Salmon Salad BonelessGrilled salmon with lemongrass side with a very famous Som Tum Thai sliced carrot tomato bean peanut and dash of chilli PRICE 19.90 Salmon Green or Red CurrySalmon cutlet in curry paste with veggies bamboo shoots basil and coconut milk PRICE 19.90

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Wallaby Pan-Fry hot plateMarinated selection of your meat on top of green veggies tasty of Thai gravy sauce and onion PRICE 16.90 Salt PepperA well-known favourite lightly battered in salt pepper with or without fresh chilli PRICE 17.90 Ho Mok TalayCombination steamed seafood in mild curry pasted with coconut milk egg veggies and basil PRICE 18.90 Tom Yum Fried Rice SeafoodThai fried rice with seafood hot sour price ed fragrant herbs and egg PRICE 16.90 Oyster Fried in EggFresh oyster fried with egg bean spout shallot mushroom on hot plate come with chilli sauce PRICE 14.90 Scallop Ginger Shallot 4Steamed fresh scallop with ginger shallot and Thai sauce PRICE 12.90 Soft Shell Crab Salt and PepperFried soft shell crab with salt and pepper served with our home-made sweet chilli sauce PRICE 18.90 Crispy Fry-Fish SaladBoneless fish mince topping with green apple salad and fresh chilli PRICE 18.90 Desserts Vanilla Ice Cream one scoop

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PRICE 3.50 Taro Sticky Ricewith/without ice cream scoop PRICE 6.50 Thai Cakewith/without ice-cream scoop PRICE 6.50 Sweetie Rotiwith/without ice-cream scoop PRICE 6.50 Banana in coconut milk PRICE 5.50 Drinks Soft Drinks 375ml can PRICE 2.50 Sparkling Mineral Water 450ml PRICE 3.00 Soft Drink 450ml PRICE 3.00 Soft Drinks 1.25 Lt PRICE 4.00 Juice / Ginger Beer / Vitamin Water PRICE Juice 3.50 PRICE Ginger Beer 3.50 PRICE Vitamin Water 3.50 Energy Drink

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PRICE 3.50

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